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    Fresh banana bread out of the oven and I just finished recording 3 1/2 songs, tonight! It’s nearly 2am and I’d like to be like [...]


Takeo Tama: “The Evolution”

July 11, 2023 44

Can’t see the video above? I always wanted a “free” way for Listeners to preview our new songs easily, that’d still help monetize on the […]

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... Katlina Kliewer fell down the stairs and almost broke her knee, WITHOUT any WINE! She's attempting to bring crutches back in style? Help Her, "Here!" ...


Dear Readers…

May 27, 2023 131

Dear friends (and Dr. F*ck Fauci), It’s comedy-night at the “Kliewer” ranch! I just got off of crutches and I’m feelin’ frisky!! It’s never a […]

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For a good laugh…

December 5, 2022 18

In lieu of, “For a good time, call…” — We watched something the other night that I found absolutely hilarious! It’s called Peter Pan Goes […]

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The Witch, The Nazi & The Ranch

November 1, 2022 499

Years have passed, after the blasts, the lizards we’d made friends with have mutated into half-lizard half-humanoids, and we grow our bond trying to protect […]

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  • Nu-Am (A new Song I sung on!)

    Growing up in the U.S.A. before recent political mishaps inspires the different point of view. | This post links directly to an “external”-media (i.e. digital-asset) […]

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Vlog: “The Scorpion Story”

June 16, 2023 33

“I must defeat them!” In today’s video, Katlina Kliewer shares her ~Hot~ action chills (and thrills) involving scorpions, bed-pillow tags, and the darkness…? Notice: Visitors […]

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  • Kat: “Right Up!” (Footage)

    Kat: “Right Up!” (Footage)

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    Music-video footage from the Song, “Right Up!” by: Katlina Kliewer | This post links directly to an “external”-media (i.e. digital-asset) page containing Official Katlina Kliewer [...]


Do you think it would be safe to sleep with a bag over my head?Kat


  • Nu-Am (v.1) [feat. Katlina Kliewer]

    Nu-Am (v.1) [feat. Katlina Kliewer]

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    This is the “new” America? Why does it “not” feel, American?? | This post links directly to an “external”-media (i.e. digital-asset) page containing Official Katlina [...]