12 Hours Later…

So……….I did do it! — I quit my job at the clinic. The great unknowns await!! Likely, this is just buying myself some time to see what the rest of the world does with this, “situation”? What new laws and regulations will conspire, what actual requirements, what strange behaviors, and so on and on. — There is a chance that eventually, every job will require being traced, tracked, micro-chipped, and vaccinated……….then……….I “will” have to make a decision. But until that day comes (and I hope it does not), the majority of the weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Now, the wait and see begins…

Good news is, that frees me up to finish recording our previously started songs that were on hold (among other things). And to try and paint! And to finish my garden…? Give myself a hair cut?! (Unless the nearby salons open up soon, everyone is on house arrest still)… — And to find a part-time, non-medical, job??

Lord help me with my crazy ambitions.

In other news, we had a very nice windy day yesterday before a rain storm came. I tried to fly a kite with my boys and got it stuck in the tallest tree! When it stops raining, I’m going to attempt to evaluate the situation and see if I can climb it!!

Again, crazy ambitions. More to come later…

Tell the World! Now!!


  1. I just catch up on your international news and see this. My my, what a tornado of changes, yes? But you are not to worry because see, the times has caused you to make all the new changes and self questions and directions to go now forwards. So then you say, next? Well hey now, what about next? It sounds like you have exciting story articles and more happening both business and too personally.

    I have plenty friends that would wish for just as exciting but they would never know how to go.

    I like that and I say keep fighting, resist!

    You all become soldiers whether you want to or not and those strong oppositions you have should mean something later.

    For now, we can all only guess but imagine soon, when it all becomes the things to be meant for the futures coming.

  2. Interesting. Love the meme at the other site too!

    So ok, you stopped doing that but, what on bloody earth is your job with all this music and slightly politics stuff?

    I know you’re dragged into it as you and your organization has been saying lately but I guess I get confused because I don’t feel like I’m looking at social media celebrity or like an Instagram model trying to cash in or what not.

    Not complaining either. it’s refreshing to see a person or company or whatever not pushing their sales around but then in the back of my brain I wonder “Then what then?”

    Thanks for everything regardless of my confusions or misunderstandings. πŸ™‚

    • Definitely no celebrity, sales model trickery here. I am the brand manager for Takeo Tama music company, I do some songs and some bit parts, some of the artworks, and I’m way too opinionated for my own good. Meanwhile I hope that some of this will still help provide for my kids. Groceries on the table, and the occasional fireworks, or extra bottle of wine. πŸ˜‰

      Come for the music, stay for the commentary, or come for the commentary and stay for the music? Makes no difference to me, I really am just someone with way too much time on my hands now (thankfully), and I overly enjoy reading everyone’s comments.

      And besides, I wouldn’t make it as a food blogger, I’m still trying to learn how to cook with out burning everything.

  3. Well, I guess all these related things came to a head, yes? :mrgreen:

    Nothing to worry about tho becuz the shit can only hit the fan harder, oi! *lol*

  4. Yes. One must do only what is, that must be done. And, in the end, the only thing that will matter is nothing, because you could have only done what you must have done. Survival at its finest.

    Of the fittest, learning again to be fit for changes.

    • Yes. I think the same, so I do.

      The man almost sound like a black singer to me but the voice is ethnic. Maybe European or like Afrikaans but not African. The r&b I think is the style. Smooth either way and passionate. Your voice blends the passions.

      Keep singing.

  5. Well, me thinks its a fine choice and like afine wine, it’d only age better as the years pass on, ye?

    Now you can just piss around without a worry but changing socks and under panties! πŸ˜›

    Better ye be home anyhow. Things not worth what they were just months ago. And a job well forget that because the robots be replacing all bodies soon anyway.

      • I didn’t know this. Ay, so they have. Where else you figure they’ll have robots replacing manpower?

        Banking is obvious, so is road foods.


        • Stores for stocking and inventory for sure. It will be the big box stores implementing this first of course. Little guys won’t be able to afford a “robot”, but then again… the little guys might not survive the quarantines.

    • Where ye be coming from ye yoke? Ay’r robots is all gammy and banjaxed anyway. I’m a tad scuttered anyhow but them what they say big techies are like all big chancers. Ye make no doubt, now.

  6. There are two kinds of jobs, the first one is the one that you need and the other one is your passion. I sure hope that you will find it in your heart the one that will give you a smile everyday.

  7. “I quit my job at the clinic”, wow you are one of our heroes, thanks for the sacrifices you made. I know its gonna be a better days ahead and God bless your family. Please dont climb any tree to check any kite oooo

    • I have been able to keep some friendships. There are many good people, and patients there that I care about. They might not agree with my decision though.

  8. Please dont evaluate any situation and see if if can climb it, life is too short. And dont forget you got so much plans on ground, just leave the kite please or better still make another one.

    • Thank You, the new songs are coming out so great. I am full of excitement to help get them finished and out to the world.

  9. It’s amazing how advance our mind to think what’s going to happen and prepare for it the way we know would be better. Now I realized that family matters most at this period, the most important thing is securing yourself and your family at home.

  10. Just really wow! And brave! But maybe that you are just German too. Not meant bad but you know, kind of true maybe.

    Staying and being afraid would be French!

    Staying and complaining would be American!

    heheheh πŸ™‚

    • Hahaha, Perhaps true. But about the French, I thought I heard they have quite an armament? Perhaps to compensate?

  11. Well my friend, you can only do what you must do. All the rest is just a mess of false meanings.

    You do the thing that needs to be done then all is revealed.

    Some things in time but the immediate, you know what will go next.

  12. Read the news about all this stuff that happened to you. I gotta say, you staying neutral and not playing it up is a gift compared to some things i’ve been seeing online.

    Thanks for not selling us anything either!

  13. Amazing! Not that you’re acting like other people trying to be leaders of movements bu that’s just awesome! πŸ™‚

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