1200 Miles to Nowhere


It seems my, “gypsy soul”, could not be destined to stay on the farm long – a few last minute decisions, a lot of boxes, and off we go again; 1200 miles to, nowhere? — Opportunities squandered with fear and comfort, now opportunistic and gained with discomfort. — The climate is opposite, both in nature and politics. A mirror-(universe) only now, a few lessons learned (that were hard to swallow) are more painfully obvious and of immediate importance, not to be ignored, ever.

I’m here (almost), blissfully unaware, a sardine in a can. I haven’t even read what’s going on in the world around me. I hope you all are doing ok in your prospective regions. — I can trust no persons but those in my own inner circle yet, I desire to rekindle a sense of closeness and community lost.

“The fatigue runs so deep that coffee can’t even touch it.” — Katlina Kliewer (KatIsBack.com)

But they say there’s no rest for the weary (or the wicked?) and I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Or I’ll die (when I sleep). Not sure which one will come first…

One positive — Instead of the land of ice and snow, we are now much closer to the beach than we’ve been in years. So hopefully this summer, we can catch some sun and waves.

This “is” a mirror-verse and in it, [The Lonestar State] is “open” (time will tell what it actually means).

One thing I noted for sure, while I was basically terrified for various reasons and far too full of anxiety to work in the medical-field in Minnesota, I have little to no anxiety now, and have started back at work. The days are long but I’m only doing three days a week now. The workload is heavier, but I feel alright with it. Not certain if it was the time off that helped my mental state or if it’s the state itself that helped — I mean — it’s crowded here, but still tons less oppressive. I even got to play a few rounds of pool the other day! I had not played in probably four years so I was a tad rusty but managed to win one round with a few decent shots.


Takeo Tama


We have not disappeared. We remain “open”. We are still attempting to be a force to reckon with. The music lives on and evolves yet, we have to re-evaluate, as always, once in a new environment. I have to admit, our music has taken on totally different sounds depending on our surrounding atmosphere, influences, and inspirations. You could name a song and I could literally tell you where about we were and what was going on when it was written.

I think that’s pretty cool!!


I’m sure you all have something that inspires you, something that keeps you going forward, a person, a memory that just makes you smile, a goal…?


These days, my eyes tear up when I see people talking about their loved ones, and how much they miss them, or appreciate them. I laugh when I think about how crazy I used to be, and I smile at my kids when one is running around in a Darth Vader mask, humming his Star Wars “theme song”, and the other is constantly asking for an “appie” (apple). Life is very different now. It feels more urgent for me to show appreciation while I can, and to try and get my affairs in order in case of disaster. Friendships are few and far between these days, and I feel ok with that.

Life moves fast and I'm trying to make it, day by day. No plans, no announcements, just trying to stay open for opportunity and the Universe's next nudge.Kat


~ 333 ~

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    • Извините, сайт принадлежит мне, но … У меня сейчас нет времени над ним поработать. Так что я пока просто перенаправляю сайт. Я надеюсь, что когда-нибудь смогу вернуть его.

  1. I love your writing style, I wish I could have a more gipsy spirit too but I guess I’m deeply attached to family and friends and I would find it hard to be changing places constantly. It must be hard to start every time in a different place surrounded by people that you don’t know, but very exciting at the same time.

  2. I like this piece and how you touched on that we all have personal motivations. I’m glad work has been smooth for your mental state and you have your adorable children around for support. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The content in the post is really philosophical for me to grasp. And, when I think deeply into the words I got the real meaning and it is very true in life.

  4. There is no rest yet even while still hustling to make it here. I will enjoy in Gods hands when i die, not anytime soon.

  5. I love the article.It gives hope for a better life if we can put all our worries away and take life easily as it comes.

  6. Great article, Let’s just live our lives as if there is no tomorrow and hope for the better. Treat everyone right and above all, make yourself happy.

  7. We cant take of of how time flies now, it’s just that time want to get even with the “wasted ” last years time. Nice piece dearie

  8. This writeup is pretty cool and meaningful. The time I use for rest is now increased as the pandemic has made the world another version. Thanks for this goof post.

  9. I can relate to you. The world seems very different now, especially when the pandemic hits. I also fight hard with my emotions from time to time, like there is no hope but its just there. You know what I mean? I hope you feel better soon!

  10. Yes the life is moving very fast how we have grown from a school child to a college and students looks like a matter of seconds.

  11. You can take all the time to have that rest you need. just like you I can’t just wait for summer to get the sun and wave. These two are always a perfect combination

  12. Thanks for asking I’m doing great here in my region. Though I have been stressed this week just like you but I’m overcoming it well.

    • At times we are overwhelmed with what happens around us, and are unaware of how times flies. However, no matter what one is going through, family always keeps us sane. So, a lot of times is best we have family times so as to keep ones mind together.

  13. We have all been there dude he he, However worrying too much aint helping. I would suggest take it one at a time. It is slow sure but it is better than messing up more.

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