America the Beautiful

In my ventures throughout Rock & Roll, I now test myself as a producer. Not an easy task at all (especially when working with amazingly talented people). I’m fortunate that I wasn’t limited by the skill of others. I feel like it went well and I hope it reaches you…

“America The Beautiful” (I Don’t Recognize You)
Performed by: Rebel Helix

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• Vid.Me

Produced by: Katlina Kliewer
Written by: Sekrett Scilensce
Published & Distributed by: Takeo Tama co.

The Story

We’re in an age where laws are created to suit the needs of the highest bidders and Wars are started just to keep weapons revenue and other financial interests rolling. We’re in an age where information and misinformation runs more rampant than the diseases they want to vaccinate us from, where it is no longer “acceptable” to discipline your child, but you can march through streets in protest, dressed as a woman’s genitals; where utmost importance in schools is placed on sports and tests rather than ‘actual’ education, and where basic healthcare is too expensive, and life saving procedures mean a lifetime of debt for yourself and your family members.

Welcome to the American Dream?


My great-great grandparents came on a boat to America to escape everything that is essentially now commonplace.

And of course, it’s not just in America.

As one person on Takeo Tama’s previous blog commented, “You want talk paradigm changes, ey? Come 2 SERBIA!”

I believe You!


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  1. I don’t mean to be picky, but I would really love it if you guys made more music like this with more positive or uplifting lyrics. I mean, the instrumentals are definitely set up for that. I do appreciate this one though.

  2. The music sounds retro. But I don’t think you are aiming for that, at least, based on the other tracks I’ve heard from you guys. I think I’ve heard tracks from a great variety of genres. As a gamer, I especially enjoy the ones that sound like they are from, or made for, videogames.

  3. Are we gonna expect more the same music soon? Or will there be a slight change when the baby arrives? Congratulations sweetie!

  4. What makes this song relevant is the message. Rage, rage against the institutions that failed us! We shall never falter!

  5. You’re pregnant? Wow I missed the announcement LOL! I hope you are well, and your baby too! Oh and by the way, nice video Kat!

  6. I am digging the retro 80’s sound of the song! The lyrics are OK, but I like the beat, it’s pretty catchy!

  7. Whatever you say, I still love this country. We can whine all we can. But let’s see if you will still whine if you’re living in Syria or Bangladesh or Yemen. Whine till your house gets bombed? Or will you do everything to survive? Point is, we take things for granted. Why don’t we just be thankful for what we have and help those in need?

  8. Top Gun 2? Yes, but please no more Tom Cruise. I loved the movie. I loved him then. But he’s just not the same now. Sorry not sorry.

  9. What do you call this music genre? New Wave? Nah it can’t be. But that’s the first thing that came to mind when one mentions the 80s.

  10. America is forever changing. This is not the America when our immigrant forefathers arrived. But one thing I’m sure of, they also had grave issues during those times. It’s all the same.

  11. I love the video! It was tastefully done! And sadly the reality now is close to what is being said in this article. You just cant trust the law anymore.

  12. How’s the pregnancy going? I hope you and the baby are well and good. Don’t think much about negative stuff ok? Let them out and think happy thoughts.

  13. It has been a while since I have last heard music like this. The style is definitely around mid-80s and I miss it dearly! I am glad that somebody from this generation actually made stuff like this. Hope you keep ’em coming!

    • We don’t actually try to have a “retro” sound, we just use real equipment and real voices. We are always trying to bring back quality to music, and hopefully some awareness to this generation.

  14. I certainly can’t recognize America anymore myself. How far has it fallen? I mean, it is still a great country and all that. However, the ideals envied by many nations that used to exist within it seems crumbling and being blown away slowly by the winds generated by greed.

  15. Top Gun feels! Oh that’s when I fell in love with Tom Cruise 🙂 But now I don’t know why I had a crush on him for a long time! He’s creepy!

  16. I read something about Top Gun 2 in the comments, and another stating Top Gun 2 Old. Whoever put that on the comments can prolly see the future! Just read in another site, earlier today, that there is gonna be one! And Cruise is still gonna be in it! You guys got a prophet as a follower!

  17. Lovin’ the music! Like the lyrics, too but I think positive and energizing words is a better fit. You guys have any more like this out there?

  18. I love it! I wish you’d do more of this kind Katlina. So in tune with the times! Rage, rage against the establishment!

  19. Being a Canadian, I’m not sure if I fully understand the pain you’re going through. It’s good that you’re taking initiative and writing about your feelings to get the conversation started.

  20. Where do you get your inspiration? Your vids are very raw and full of emotions. They’re very palpable. Keep it up!

  21. It does remind me of Top Gun, one of my favourite movies. Hey Kat, this will be one of my fave vids! Great message too!

  22. There was a lot of activism in the 80s. Back then people cared about the future of America. I guess as the years passed we as a nation have been very complacent or lazy to stand up for the injustices in our society.

  23. Some of you say it’s Top Gun. But I say, it’s Iron Eagle! Love that movie. Watching it during that time is not the same as watching it now via DVD or online. This music evokes that same 80s feel!

  24. America is still the land of opportunities, but it may not be the kind our grandparents wished for us to have. Sad. Hey I saw in the comments that you’re pregnant. Congratulations!

  25. This poetry is like a slap to the face to wake citizens up to what’s happening in reality. Music and poetry indeed does a lot of things that help us in removing our narrow mindedness.

  26. This sounds like a painful truth that humanity seems to look away from despite its obvious presence. It still brings about a poetic and melodic vibe to it regardless of its quite depressing undertones.

  27. America is the land of immigrants and it’s a shame what Trump is doing! Even her wife is an immigrant! His policies are very anti-immigrant. And I’m not only referring to his travel ban, but this trade tariff and a host of other things as well!

  28. America can still go on despite all of this. And by the way, the lyrics of this song is so meaningful. I love it im not sure if this is a new one or old though.

  29. Oh America the beautiful, land of the free! Despite what’s happening in our country, I’m still thankful to live in here. No other country comes close (errrmm Canada?). LOL!

  30. Oh you’re pregnant? Sorry I might have missed the announcement in your previous posts. I wish you a healthy pregnancy Katlina!

  31. “I’m fortunate that I wasn’t limited by the skill of others. ” What I think that, when you are a skillful worker, you might get more than others.

  32. It’s the music I like when I take a long drive to the countryside. It never gets boring even after long hours of travel if you listen to these kind of music.

  33. This music reminds me of an old movie intro. Those that shows actors sporting long hair and ragged jean jacket.

  34. “My great-great grandparents came on a boat to America to escape everything that is essentially now commonplace.” – I think there are many out there who did the same, then and even now. Just out of curiosity though, from what country were your g-g-gps from?

    • Prussia! German Mennonite Farmers that settled in Prussia. It’s funny, I’ve always had it in me to want to grow my own food and make things myself for the most part, I guess some parts of your heritage get’s passed down in the genes.

      • Why not? Go for it! I’ve been doing that for about a year now. Just the simple stuff like salad greens and tomatoes – if you like to eat those. As soon as I got the hang of it and was able to grow more, I almost never purchase any of those from the store.

        • I used to keep batches of green onions and basil growing always, but i have been traveling so much the past few years, hard to take plants back and forth, even if in pots. But soon, I’ll be able to start again. 🙂

      • You are so lucky to have that information about your ancestors. I’d like to find out more about mine, but having been adopted, it’s not exactly just a Google search away. Although, some of my friends say that the process will become simpler as soon as I have more money in the bank!

  35. The world needs more music like this. Perhaps out of nostalgia for some, but doesn’t really matter because it is awesome! I don’t care what others will say, but I’m playing an air combat sim with this music blaring in the background later!

  36. I grew up listening to these songs since I grew up with my grandmother and aunt and uncles. It’s hard to hear these songs nowadays. Music has evolved.

  37. There is always a different side of every rainbow. What we thought long ago as a savior to our family is now just like everyone else. There are ups and down in a country, and i think that right now, America is not as great as it used to be.

  38. Not many make this kind of music no more. Why? Why? Why? It doesn’t matter if many from the new generation don’t appreciate it. They will eventually realize its cool factor eventually. Thank you for this one!

  39. Whoa! Pregnant?! Awesome! Wishing you and the little one the best of everything! Despite all the irritating things going on all around the world, wonderful things do still happen!

  40. “We’re in an age where laws are created to suit the needs of the highest bidders” – The sad truth. Seems like those who have can get away with anything. It is quite naive to think otherwise when we can see such happening before our very eyes. Thank you guys for the music though! That’s quite a non-depressing way to get those ideas out there.

  41. The music does sound like something fit for a movie. Which actually makes me curious. Have you guys ever made any that was used in movies? Or in video games? I would definitely check those out if you have!

  42. I wish you a safe pregnancy! Let’s not focus on the negative for now. Positive vibes only for a healthy delivery! C’mon guys!

  43. I have never been to Serbia. What about you Kat, have you ever been there? If yes, how many times? From what I gather in Google, it looks like an interesting country!

    • No, I have not been there either. Most of my traveling so far has been in the USA. Looking forward to some overseas travels in the future.

  44. That was cool! I was in my teens during the 80s, and I wasn’t oblivious to what was happening then. I can also see some similarities now to what happened then. Pretty scary, tbh.

  45. Hello Kat! Saw your reply in one of the comments. Wow you’re due in 1 1/2 months! Congratulations! Are you gonna be offline temporarily after giving birth?

    • Thanks! I’m not planning to, but sometimes these things take over despite our “plans”. I’m all set up now for making more art, and we (Takeo Tama) have a large list of songs ready to release. So i guess the appropriate answer is “we shall see”, but No one is closing shop, don’t worry, I just can’t wait to meet my little guy.

  46. “can march through streets in protest, dressed as a woman’s genitals” – When and where did this happen? I guess I’ve been in forests for too long that I’ve missed such a thing. But hey, um, I’m just, you know, curious.

    • The links are in the videos, if you click on any of them and listen, We grow with the potential to take over the planet. Thanks!

  47. I love the music! Seems like it was inspired by Top Gun (it’s the movie that immediately came to mind). Hey let’s not lose hope. And let’s make our presence felt in the next election!

  48. Despite all the negativity and fake news that surrounds us, I would still say that this is a beautiful country. So many opportunities. It all boils down to you on how you deal with an opportunity if it comes your way. Some people try to make more money out of it even if it hurts other people.

  49. The song conveys such a sad reality. Sorta reminded me of the animated move “An American Tail”. How many thought highly of America only to see that it actually falls short of their expectations. As with many, I hope there is a silver lining somewhere.

  50. I more of a hiphop music kinda guy, but there’s just something about this music that really pumps me up. Think I’m gonna see the movies I’ve read from the comments to see what they’re talking about. Yeah, America does seem to be slowly circling down into a a toilet bowl. Can only hope the “smart” people can do something about it.

  51. Top Gun 2? I think they’ve considered that a long time ago. But it didn’t push through. I think it was Tom Cruise who was unwilling to do it.

  52. Yeah right Top Gun it is! Love that movie, but not a fan of Tom Cruise. I don’t see any changes in our society in the near future. Big companies rule over us now.

  53. Come to Serbia eh? Regardless of your paradigm-change (do what you think needs done), I do try to visit as many countries as I can, while I can. I will research more about the place to see if there are any places there that catches my fancy. History and culture are my things so…

  54. Lotsa things are really messed up nowadays aren’t they? Always thought them smarter people would make lives less complicated, only to have done otherwise. Well, the song does make it easier to accept reality!

  55. Love the 80’s vibe of the music. Oh those were also troubled times. I even see some parallelism with our current situation.

  56. Thanks for sharing Kat, I am also very, very disappointed with this government.And with the institutions in general. I think they have failed us. Big time!

  57. “it is no longer “acceptable” to discipline your child” – One of the most annoying truths of the times in my opinion. Just got home from a month-long vacation in a country where kids don’t talk back to their parents, or any elder for that matter! Where children do as they’re told and they earn their keep. I come home and see some self-entitled brat yelling at his mom for ice cream and pizza in the middle of an airport queue. Yep! I am home indeed!

  58. Awesome sounds right there! I grew up with that kind of music. Glad somebody can still play that way! Now what do I tell my nephew as to where he can get it from so that he can put it into my iPhone?

  59. What captures me was the message on the story section. I felt sad reading it, but in the current times I think what you’ve said there is just about reality.

    • Thank You, so much! It’s going okay, a few bumps along the way unfortunately, but the doc says he’s still healthy. I’m 7 1/2 months now, so not too much longer too go, Thanks for asking!

  60. It’s just tragic you know, what’s happening to us. Not the dream our parents or elders had when they were young. We just keep on fighting then!

  61. The song is good and it is about politics. I have a great interest in politics and I am always interested in knowing its intricate details and stuff and it has become my hobby. Though the politics is a bit corrupted and contains some bad leadership, not everyone can be blamed. It is the misleading act of a few which brings a bad name to the whole political world.

  62. The song sounds a bit old like in the 80’s. Everywhere the politics is well unimaginable and full of corruption, cheating, lust for the power of the positions and finally money rules. This is the scenario around the world except for some countries. I don’t know when this will change or who will change.

  63. The instrumentals of the song would definitely be fit for a Top Gun type movie. The lyrics? Anyone here remember Charlie Sheen’s old movie “Hot Shots!”?

  64. “utmost importance in schools is placed on sports and tests rather than ‘actual’ education” – Didn’t expect it would come to this! Make me wanna go back to the education style a long time ago known as apprenticeship. It is learning with actual hands-on experience as opposed to shading a bunch of dots!

    • That does sound like a great way to learn! I mean, I’ve got a cousin who’s into cars. Never went to car mechanics school or any of the sort, he just learned from his father’s garage by helping out since he was about 12, but he can take apart a car and rebuild it like it was nothing more than Lego! Yep! I only buy parts for my car! Cousin’s got me back on labor!

  65. Love the music — very 80s! Politics is dirty, and it’s rearing its ugly head again. We’re also very disappointed with how things are going the past few months. Don’t worry Kat, we’re with you on this fight!

  66. Yeah Bobi I love RATM too! There’s so much dissent with how the government is run. I am also very unhappy with how things are going on. The best that we can do is to let the authorities know that we are not silent!

  67. The music makes me wanna wear my aviators and a leather jacket. It makes me wanna drive my motorcycle along a beach. The music still in play, I stop by a pub, enter with a confident swagger, remove my shades slowly, then ask the tender for a cold one. I go home in a cab though because I would likely down more than just one!

  68. In my youth, I have always looked up to America. I have always thought of it as a model nation. As time went by, everything I thought that was gradually became nothing more than a dream. Perhaps because I can now see that it is not the utopia I once thought it was, or maybe the ideals that I had known about it simply just withered away.

    • As a country it has gone through and is about to go through some major changes. It will get worse before it get’s better, I’m sure.

  69. Exactly, those are the BIG problem now in our world. It’s like laws are not in the right place. Hope things will be back to normal.

  70. The music is a little too retro for my taste. But that’s just me. I liked the story though. Made me smile. Keep up the good work!

  71. Yeah I have the same feeling too! The music’s fit for an 80s movie. Oooh I love 80s movies. The Breakfast Club, Vision Quest, Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller, etc.

  72. I’ve never been to Serbia. When I google it, I see lovely places. I’m a third-generation immigrant and I feel your sentiments too, Kat. Sad reality, but we must never waver in our fight!

  73. The message lyrics make me feel a bit depressed. But hey, I can see it happening. The music though! Rather energizing! Can you guys post one without the words?

  74. America used to stand for ideals. Not so much lately though. Not many can accept that. Those are the ones who fail to realize that acknowledging a problem is the first step to solving it. Perhaps there is still hope…

  75. I agree. God bless America despite of all these issues. I hope many people will open their eyes. Just like the slogan, you look at yourself and if you start making your life better the surroundings will.

  76. The music reminds me of the 90’s movies. My childhood memories are all flashback. Wish I could go back to the past when I was still young.

  77. God’s gifts are wise and wide in times of peril and destructive eras.

    Cool tribute and protest, all at the same time.


  78. A really great song with a powerful message! America is really going down the drain right now, i hope it gets better soon.

  79. America used to be the land of the free and the great, but now, I don’t know, from what i see in the news, it doesn’t seem to look good there. I truly hope it gets better for you guys.

  80. Whist the song have a repetitive lyrics, the overall message was well put. It has a nice blend to it and may make veteran american’s out there to reminisce about the past. Good work Katlina ^_^

  81. “Not an easy task at all (especially when working with amazingly talented people” What I think that, it is lucky to work with good people, you might learn much experience from them.

  82. I agree with you…it’s hard to work with amazing and talented people. They have high standards and expectations. But working with them is such a plessure.

  83. The issues you have stated do not just exist in America. It is happening almost everywhere, if not everywhere already. And what has been the tool that made us all believe that they are the norm? The media. The newspaper and TV news companies that we thought to have been the ideal references of facts, only to find out that they were no more than the puppets of those who can afford to show only parts of facts to maneuver a population’s thoughts to side with theirs. For what? Power and money!

  84. Music sounds like it would be a good fit for an OST of a movie like Top Gun. The lyrics, no so much though. It sounds like the 80’s and I love it! Heck! My mom and dad would love it!

  85. wow, that’s a lot of America. I remember the band Rage Against The machine back then put this kind of awareness on their music.

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