An End Is Near, To Where Shall All Begin, Again…?

POkemon Go! Elf on the Shelf, and GPS? They all may be fun and useful, but “do” help map the insides of your homes (voluntarily??) — Google maps can go and see anywhere, and see anything, and now, many places you can even see inside of. I remember looking up my parent’s house on Google maps once and It actually showed my dad walking through the front door with what appeared to be his clean work uniforms in hand…

Seriously, where is the privacy? I know I’m being slightly hypocritical here as I have multiple social-media accounts. I get it, but I mean, between that and the big censorship push online, it’s a bit hard to just be an artist and do, “Your thing!”

Take this for example; “We” (a.k.a. Takeo Tama, my company), were recently uploading a few titles for distribution and not once, but multiple times, we were told we had to change the title of the song for “this” or “that” reason; or also, that a track had to be not too short and not too long–”They”–also recently refused to put two tracks onto an 8-bit album. We have to completely change everything and put out only half an album here and the other half there…

It’s bullshit, really…..

“We” are constantly being told either in person, by e-mail, or by ‘algorithm’ decision that something we are doing is not right!! (Much like Tumblr and their out of control and senseless flagging of actually “non adult content” right now).

It’s ALL somewhere between sad and funny.

Excuse me for a minute and let me remind “them”/everyone that we are the artists and the company producing the art in the style we choose.

There is no gatekeeper. We will persist.

Art and Music programs are being cut nationwide, and the Internet is squashing us as well.

What the heck?!

The dictionary is shrinking every year and the technology and tracking is getting completely out of hand. Credit scores, social scores, and positive re-enforcement psychology shit, banned commercials, banned literature, banned podcasting, scripted news, mind control, and if that’s not enough, weather/climate manipulation…

Is it time to completely unplug? Is it time to join my Mennonite Ancestors, out on a rural farm and just play for a barn dance?

I can not guarantee they will approve of my style.

Is it time to go back to the 70s or 80s?

Is it even possible.

About the author:

Katlina Kliewer is the Lead-Collaborator and Brand-Management member of the Takeo Tama company.

KATLINA KLIEWER appears courtesy of Takeo Tama (Entertainment-Enterprises) L.L.C. – All rights reserved. – A K4C0 ]|[ /|\ T3C0 collaboration.

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  1. Suddenly, camping out with the Mennonites on a rural farm doesn’t sound that bad. We live in an age of censorship and sensitivity.

  2. Privacy and being public is getting too blurred nowadays. “Being told” is now the new normal whether we like it or not. I agree that everything seems to tell us we’re doing something wrong but really, we’re not. Everything seems to point towards the end. If we could only return to times when life was so much simpler.

  3. everything can change in split second! privacy is dead! everything is up to the ” hand” and as much as we’ve been told to be true to our self, we cant be totally our self.

    i just want to go back to where everything was just so simple

  4. Changes are happening here and there, and fast. We really need to adapt but at the same time, we also need to be critical of the changes we accept in the society.

  5. I am an old soul myself but we have to cope with the changing times. It is really hard to adapt into this fast changing technology.

  6. As the saying goes ” No Matter how wonderful the past is, It is still the past so going back to it is impossible. Unless you have a time machine or what.

    • They probably already have a time machine out there, and that’s why random things keep changing. Mandella effect may not be just conspiracy.

  7. Glad that you’re back my dear! Anyways, I love the blog as usual. You definitely give insight on what the world and your world is. Always happy to hear from you!

  8. It looks like privacy is a privilege disappearing for all of us, is just about time to be more controlled and told even more what to do and what to do not.

  9. Your write up is something one has to sit back and really think about, really where is the privacy, technology is taking over and really fast. If it were possible to relive the 70s or 80s it would be great.

  10. Bold statement. The only things that I think deserve censorship are the pieces blatantly oppressive or discriminatory. There was censorship in the seventies and eighties too. The artists then and now that put out popular or thought provoking content are usually the ones that speak up against the norms. It’s a reflection of our society.

  11. There is a lot happening in our social environment and we should cope with the facts. It’s sounds like we are going to the near end!

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