Chicago P.D.? No?? Chicago P I G G Y?! Yes! Ja!! What…?

Have any of you seen Chicago PD? Not much to it. It’s a slightly addictive yet run of the mill cop TV-drama with mediocre storytelling–and–I’m drawn to want to watch it over and over sometimes; why?! — The lead-character is Hank Voight, a “somewhat” corrupt Chicago-sergeant who is still “somehow”, a stand-up guy. — There is also Detective Olinsky, who gets into some “real” heat for covering up Hank’s methods. It broke everyone’s hearts to see the aloof but relaxed detective who lived in his wife’s garage get into the mess…

So me, “being me”; I think of little puns and corny-jokes that are almost hilarious? I told Sekrett Scilensce, “I’m going to draw Chicago, Piggy! Featuring Oink Voight and Chicklinsky…..”

He laughed and said, “Great, I’ll start on the theme song, We will make it like theirs, but better!”

So without further adieu, we present to you:

“Chicago Piggy”

Can’t see the video above? Click-here!

Want a bullshit version without the “Guitars” like they’d use on network-TV? Click-here!

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  1. あなたが見えてます。 日本の投資ウェブで同じ女の子。 これは別の会社ですか?

    • 同じ会社。アメリカのビジネスはタケオタマと呼ばれています。

      The same company. American business is called Takeo Tama.

      • Thank you’s

        明確にするために。 ありがとうございました。 はい。 ブランドの会社。 あなたはこのビジネスを長い間所有していますか?

        Looking for more.

        Keep up!

  2. Cool video. I feel like it was a fusion of different music genres. It will definitely set the right tempo for a cool piggy crime show.

  3. I have heard of it and skimmed though but never ever watched it religiously. I guess drama just is not my genre. I may check it out on my spare time but for now I may have to pass.

  4. I like this site already, I love movies review sites that will always give about movies updates. OK, I will be watching the Chicago piggy today.

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