Orwell Was Right, Time To Just Breathe!

So… I read recently that there is a province in Canada that has banned Karaoke due to COVID-19. This may sound like a negative, but as someone who has thoroughly enjoyed Karaoke from time to time, maybe it wasn’t even about CV-spread, maybe they just thought the regulars needed some time off to choose a new favorite song….. (“Walking After Midnight” by: Patsy Cline, was always my choice!)


We went for a drive over the weekend, and drove through a really pretty town, it had a nice looking playground with a rocket ship that my son was excited to try out, but upon walking up to the park, we found that it was chained up, with a sign that said the city closed it because it could not ensure sanitation. I should have kept my composure, but I lost it. It’s possible that the whole neighborhood heard me cussing about it and that pretty town, with the pretty rocket ship, that no child was being allowed to play in. Then my three year old said, “Fuck that park” and I had to laugh and we drove to an area we knew was not chained off.

And I’ve said this before, but it’s not about the germs for me, I can not even risk driving to visit family because of the cities we have to pass through on the route there, they have too much negatives going on. Too many random shootings, too many people who think that mine and my kids lives don’t matter because of the shade of our skin. Sorry Mom and Dad, sorry Grandpa, but… we can’t risk it in these times, hopefully we will survive to see them next year.

Moral of the story…? There is none. It pisses me off. This whole thing pisses me off and simultaneously gives me anxiety.

But, who am I?


“The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation. These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from from ordinary hypocrisy; they are deliberate exercises in double-think.”
― George Orwell, 1984


The feeling in the air for me is thick and heavy. I’m just trying to find a way to ride this out, and survive, and give my boys good memories and experiences, regardless of these circumstances. I am also trying to mature my mind. I think sometimes my brain is still somewhere around twenty-five years old, but I will be thirty-five this year! Decisions that I need to make can not be made lightly, where to live, who to associate with, what type of influences to allow in my families lives, what type of influences to let into my own psyche. It’s all bullshit at the end of the day, I just tend to overthink my options, and get anxiety about choices. Sometimes, I’m just like my Mother!!


“Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thought-crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.”
― George Orwell, 1984


Black Burner (City On Fire) .alpha. [in-development]


The United States is burning. Burning, from the inside-out. Cities crumbling, Presidential elections are drawing near, and there are groups promising and gearing up for unrest, riots and more blazes regardless of who wins. Interestingly enough, as recently pointed out, BLM is in Ireland as well. IRELAND?! No one’s heritage is spotless, there is blood on everyone’s hands, for varied reasons. Yet everyone’s history, everyone’s unique culture and differences are being challenged, and trying to be suppressed in the name of racism and political correctness. How is this a world wide revolt? What exactly are they trying to achieve??


Beyond it all…

Anyways, I have had some time to work on a few more projects with Sekrett Scilensce and I’ve been really enjoying them. It helps clear my head a little more. We are adding more as we go, so just keep checking the Takeo Tama pages.

Save These Nights (Demo)


This next song is not finished, and is a different style of course, but everything can’t be ‘doom and gloom’. Hope you enjoy the demo!


In conclusion, for now…

Regardless of everything going on, everyone has something or someone that makes their heart happy, we just need to keep sight of those things. Count your blessings, so to speak. I’m fortunate enough to have a partner who understands me, and is fairly patient with my misgivings; my friend, teacher, confidant, and Father of two wild monkeys.

That is what I cherish most.



– K a t


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  1. Maaaaaaaaannnnn fuck this! We want more SEX talk posts! *lol*

    Nah but on topic..,

    Lock parks, lock zoos, and then ya know, you house, BOOM!

    Now get us some sexy!

  2. I also love karaoke and it’s a shame that many public spaces are closed ’cause of the COVID. I’m about to complete a year without seeing my family, I really hope I can meet them for Christmas.

  3. You could say more or less at this point and it won’t matter. The locks, being locked, staying inside any locking contraptions, the mind, the spirit, the human needs, the major thing to remember is to fight from the many sides within then outside.

    We shouldn’t struggle but now the entire planet falls together but, it doesn’t have to!

  4. What you teach kid through rougher moment is important discovery tool.

    All the rest just comes like choosing chocolate or vanilla when it is in front of you.

  5. Ay.

    What makes ye angry isn’t natural, as it’s known!

    So then where do you find times to play? It’d still be some parks, playgrounds, playrooms, rightey?

    Horrible that USA locked a park but then again, all the happenings here. What else be there to think?

    • I get it, it’s bad and worse everywhere else. I guess I’m just trying to hold on to a shred of normal existence for my kids. The baby won’t know the difference, he will only remember the world as it is now, but my first was very social, we took him everywhere before this.

  6. I understand your pains well because I have been there but I will advise that you continue to focus on giving your boys the best

  7. Well with this going on Karaoke or any gathering is off limits and that is understandable. The US though is bending the norm I would say but they are paying the price I guess. Then again it is economy vs Life.

    • The news is making it sound worse than it really is here at least. Quality of life should be considered as well. If everyone is safe and alive, but on house arrest for the remainder of their lives. Is that really a life worth living?

  8. The world as become such a crazy place with issues here and there thats bring a high level of anxiousness. Keep living though.

  9. Well, I love karaoke and for sure now things have changed. Keep enjoying life, and do other activities to stay healthy for ourselves and our families.

  10. Covid-19 has had a big impact on everyone, it’s not easy to enjoy life as usual because of all the changes. Hopefully everything will pass quickly, thank you for sharing your story.

  11. This planet needs a repair fast now! Too many of my friends think world just sucks and should be changed but I say, and if it isn’t become like utopia you thought?

    But they just argue.


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