Paradigms Shifting (Temporarily?) Into Darkness

There are new developments on the horizon, and as in nature, you can expect a calm before the storm. Our quietness online is temporary and, will be (very!) short lived so, be Prepared, stay alert, and consider going on vacation or taking a long walk (and), most importantly, share pics with me; I’d like to see something beautiful!! From your eyes…

Think about it?!

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  1. Seeking the unknown (darkness) can literally lead us to things we really need. It is by walking through the darkness that we realize the importance of the light. Thinking about sharing some pictures with you though.

  2. Darkness reminds us of the good things light gives. We also hope for the better when in Darkness. Sometimes Darkness comes before it finally shines.

  3. This is really true: “There are new developments on the horizon, and as in nature, you can expect a calm before the storm.” Keeping my fingers crossed. 😉

  4. We should not look into darkness from a simple point of view because it also provide things that we are actually looking for – like silence and serenity.

  5. Right now, I wish I have peace of mind about everything in life because I don’t want to die of stress. Live life as you should be doing and have a peace of mind are the best gift.

  6. Through new perspective we can understand events in our life. We might be able to realise important things that we have deemed insignificant before.

  7. How we accept things as they happen but with an unshaken belief that strengthens ourselves every single day. Undying hope will help us to be where we want to be.

  8. This can be interpreted as not all things are cookies in cream in life. When you least expect life can throw something that will hit you hard. If is up to you how to respond to that.

  9. I take it this is more of a ” FIGURE of Speech”? Let me just say this at times we must allow Darkness to consume us for it is not healthy just neglecting it.

  10. Things may never seem to be as we see them. But only if we look from other peoples perspective will we be able to understand our own realities.

  11. I’m not sure if you believe in retrogrades but this post reminded me of it. How things shift temporarily into darkness and how these events ask us to reflect within ourselves into the direction we want to take our lives in. Very spiritual.

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