Quarantine Sex or Nap Time?

Vitamin C Cocktails for everybody! Cheers! Prost! Salut! And to ALL the other languages I don’t know how to say “Cheers!” in — I’m feeling rebellious, so, in lieu of what’s happening around the planet, lets try talking about something more interesting. ~ Sex. — It’s hard to have sex while social-distancing. The six-feet apart shit just isn’t cutting it…

But in all honesty, it’s just more difficult after having kids for me to even want to fool around. I’m sure this is natural and related to hormones (which hopefully will pass), you know, totally frustrating for me, even more so for him, but, does anyone even talk about it?

In my younger days, I’ve had a few, ‘moments’. I once got caught in the car with a boyfriend when I was sixteen, and because he was already eighteen, the cops decided it was a good idea to drive me home in the middle of the night, with lights flashing, just to tell my Dad! Holy embarrassment!! I was so embarrassed that I broke up with him. My parents refused to let me go out with him anymore – anyways – he told me later that the only times he ever thought of me was when he saw a cop or when he smelled chlorine (I was a high-school swim-team sprinter/lifeguard a.k.a. “Chlorine-Pickle”).

A few instances involved too much alcohol and one time in particular, I was with an army guy, during which a group of friends came running in yelling, “Rodeo! Rodeo!!” — T.M.I. (too much information)? Oh well. He wasn’t even the one I liked, I had a crush on his friend but alas, he did not make it to the party.

Another time, I was feeling frisky on a road trip and pulled over for a quickie in some wooded area. It was all fun and games except for the fact that we got ticks! You don’t know true love until you have to tell your partner, “There’s a tick on your dick!!” I still laugh about that one. The unwritten Dr. Seuss tale titled, “Tick on Dick” — The companion piece to, “Hop on Pop” — Oh man. I make my self laugh, still.

I used to have more fun but now, I feel a little boring and uninteresting, trying to regain just an ounce of my youthful spirit and vigor. But hey, I have a nice herb-garden going and two hyper ass kids to play with.

Years ago, I would have been too embarrassed to share anything like this. But now I realize, we are ALL human, we all have it, do it, and have our own share of embarrassing, funny, and sexy ‘moments’. So why not embrace it?!

Trying to spice it up and stay inspired with everything going on around the world is a little challenging for me, but I don’t feel like a lost cause…..yet. I can’t become a cat lady, because, well, I hate cats, and I’m allergic.


My parents just celebrated their 36th-Anniversary together. I’m impressed that they’ve lasted so long. I hope that my children can reflect on us someday and say the same. For now, I might take my chances and put stupid arrows on the ground at home, leading to the bed, hoping for the best.


While I’m on this topic, I’m curious how professional dancers and strippers are making it these days, during lockdowns and quarantines. Magic Mike to Tragic Mike. I wonder if they can qualify for unemployment for being furloughed or laidoff? I know “I” didn’t qualify for shit! It turns out, having interests in “conspiracy theories” and taking a stand for the safety of your family does not count as a “qualifying” event for monetary-aid. But oh well, it was worth a shot…?

And now for some, “Bullshit!” news and updates by: Katlina Kliewer

Does everyone have arrows to follow in the grocery store? Avoiding everyone, eating outside or at home only, always wearing a cloth dust catcher? This Corona stuff is exhausted. A young girl I know tested positive, she had a headache and was tired for two days. Is this really what everyone is afraid of? Mandatory BS. (In my opinion, of course) – We are afraid to catch a cold these days, for fear it could be the dreaded CORONA — I mean, honestly; probably more people die globally of STDs every year.

Interesting headlines this week though, Poland takes a stand against NEO-Bolshevism, (Sounds like Prussia may make a come back, No?) China and U.S. spouting some fighting words as Houston’s Chinese consulate is forced to close; documents are seen being burned and now mysterious boxes of seeds are sent to farmers in the US and UK? Chicago (at least it’s mayor) have lost their damn mind, and more and more states making masking mandatory, riots, protests, and shootings are continuing and on the rise, meanwhile, loved ones in nursing homes and hospitals are still isolated, and doctors and nurses are becoming more and more non-communicative. In San Antonio; my home town, they implemented a disinfecting spray that people walk through at one of their restaurants. Who the hell thought that was a good idea? Warning: Decontamination In Progress!

We may be missing something huge…

Oh, and some of you may have noticed that I ditched Instagram. No big deal but It was stressing me out and wasting my time. For one, seeing the stupid stuff my little brother was doing out of ‘boredom’, or looking up all the mayhem and strangeness happening around us… I needed to keep control over my own influences. Plus all I did was post pictures of my kids, right? Not really safe or necessary in this world now.

On a positive note, I let my son play with a group of about thirty kids at the park the other day, and……….he had a blast! It was like watching a 1980s film with kids rough housing, stick fighting, chasing wasps, playing in the dirt and spinning out of control on the merry go round and……….not a mask in sight!! (Or other adult for that matter). My mom had a panic attack when I told her. Screw Corona. My immune system, my choice.

This concludes some, “Bullshit!” news and updates by: Katlina Kliewer

And now, some Takeo Tama

Some of you have noticed that we started supporting the different regions and languages sitewide again. I was sorry for it to come down but I am very glad it’s back. It’s about time! We obviously can’t catch everyone’s native tongue so we went with what we saw the need for currently. As stated in Takeo Tama’s latest BLOG, please let us know if there is anything we can try and do better to support you in our “worldwide community”.

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We hope to continue bringing quality Music and entertainment for years to come.

A huge thank-you to ALL of you!


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  1. Du postest nicht viel, aber das macht immer Spaß!

    Und danke, dass Sie keine Angst vor Sex haben, geschweige denn unter Quarantänen!

    Die Welt braucht dich und deinen Verstand jetzt als deine Fülle!

    • Danke, Ich denke, ich sollte mehr schreiben, aber dann denke ich, dass es langweilig wird, wenn ich es erzwinge. Aber ich sage jeden Tag dumme Scheiße zu Hause, ich sollte einfach alles filmen. Haha.

      I think I should write more, but then I think it will get dull if I force it. But I say stupid shit at home every day, I should just film it all. haha.

  2. I thinks you have certain vibe for sexing my Caucasian lady friend from the Internets, hehe ha!

    Off of that though, too, i read. Why you leave Google away anyway?

    • Thanks, and well, google announced it will be closing “google play” sometime in September this year, and we don’t want everything automatically sent to YouTube. We would rather control what we send there. No? So, We are still on the other stores, and will be putting more music on the website for viewing before it’s at the other locations.

  3. En pääse sivustoon 100% oikein, mutta yritän. Pidin viimeisistä kappaleista, mutta en löydä niitä Google Playsta.

    Oletko poissa nyt?

    • Kyllä, vetäydyimme Google Playsta. Olemme kuitenkin edelleen muissa myymälöissä. Lähetä meille sähköpostia, jos sinulla on edelleen vaikeuksia päästä verkkosivustollemme, se voi olla jotain, mitä voimme tutkia.

      Yes, we pulled out of Google Play. We are still at the other store locations though. Email us if your are still having trouble accessing our website, it could be something we can look into.

    • Мы думаем, что по-прежнему будем в магазинах, но не знаем, кто уйдет из бизнеса. Думаю, Google play объявил о слиянии с youtube. Одна вещь, которую мы пытаемся сделать, – это сначала предлагать все на наших сайтах. Иногда их выпускают в магазины очень долго, если они «зарезервированы».

      One thing we are attempting to do, is offer everything on our sites first. Sometimes they take a long time to release in the stores, if they are “backed up”.

  4. Ye say it like a simple bugger but many a men, their under carries be the bloated left overs of years long had without a woman’s glare let alone touch, aye?

  5. On the Weaver/Jones muck I figure it’s likely truer that Alex just kind of didn’t know some things. They have released those indicts and clearly some kind of home infighting occurred so why people keep connecting the dots from the start as “banned for the movie” is beyond my thinking.

    I’m sticking to what’s been released by US police, judges etc. and it seems like Millie and the two other blokes did something physical to the mum.

    Seems plain and simple.

    So then Alex is in a tough pick because he can’t speak on the legal matter but maybe he feels Millie lied and tried to portray everything a particular way and then you throw in those people surrounding the rest of this mess and it all equals a big fat NO!

    Even the Tore woman is in some sort of fraud problems.

    But I see people repeating “But I watched the film and they definitely arrested her for releasing that” but then I’m thinking, HEY! She like beat up her bloody mum yank wags!

    But it doesn’t matter.

    Kind of the Hollywood way I say.

    • I agree, the film was interesting no less, but domestic violence is what is is. I’m sure it will come out “in the wash” as they say. Everyone seems to try to play the victim card these days. Who knows.

      • Yes! It dissapoints me because it seems like so many people on top of all this like just start making podcast and pick up on these nothing burgers to just plow away for public appreciation, and of what? showing off their ability to report on stuff that other people are barely reporting on because the news just isn’t that great or becoming of humans to begin with?

        It’s just too messed up now when even something like this from a person like Millie can happen.

        Pathetic and sleazy and immature!

        But that’s just me and my take.

        • True. What get’s me is it’s all re-hash. Everyone is reporting on everyone else’s news. Same things, same things. People should just walk out side in their cities, film it and upload it. Here’s what’s happening (here) today. No commentary, no opinions, just… what it is. I might start doing this.

  6. I still have yet to mastered the art quarantine sex while wearing a face mask. Somehow it just doesn’t feel natural, yet somehow it makes me feel like BATMAN! Never thought a global pandemic would force me into role playing lol…

  7. I think, really think, that it’s really quite dangerous to do anything that involves physical contact with just about anyone nowadays. It gives me ALMOST panic attacks when I walk outside just seeing 3 people walking so closely together.

    Anyway, it’s okay if you do it with a partner who you know is “safe” to be with, making sure that he took all the necessary precautions to avoid getting COVID. We really can’t control urges our hormones are yelling at us to do. But we are taking a huge risk being very horny during a lockdown, and we should always be reminded of that.

    • I get the panic feeling, I had it more so early on in the lock-downs. Now, I am more worried of the civil-unrest (early stages of civil war perhaps) here in the U.S. I figure, If I get sick, I get sick. Not likely, but I could just catch a cold or the regular flu any one of these times we have been out at the store or the parks with my kids. Now, I can’t speak to COVID exactly, because it’s not likely that I have had it. But, my son caught Hand, Foot, and Mouth two years ago, and that was horrifying and painful to him. He has many scars from it. Maybe CV-19 is bad stuff, I just haven’t seen any sick people. Even when I was still working in the hospital, with a large group of immune-compromised patients who typically catch every flu and cold and bug that goes around. As far as sex goes… it’s within my house hold. I’m not standing out on the corner down town looking for new prospects. lol

      But seriously, I’m just trying to keep thing lighthearted, I’m hoping everyone stays healthy, and safe. But be careful of stress and anxieties too, those make people catch illnesses when they go on too long.

  8. The things we do as kids! You might be oversharing a little but who cares anyway! Thanks for sharing these stories I feel like you’re my wild friend back in highschool!

    • Definitely over sharing here. Don’t judge, but believe it or not, this is the “tamed” down version. I could be someone’s wild friend from back in highschool. Me Now…? As they say in spanish, Más o menos.

  9. I die of laughter when reading your adventures are too much information, but the truth is that you, like me, laugh at the crazy things we do or that have happened to us, your posts are very entertaining.

  10. Wow! It’s great to watch your parents live together for 36 years. It gives hope that marriage still works and love is real.

    • Hard work and effort by both parties, I’m sure. My first marriage was a mistake. I plan to make the right efforts this time around.

  11. personally i can say vitamin C and a nap after during this pandemic season, is essential and helps ease somebody’s emotions and stress.

  12. Quarantine in no way can stop sexual activities. Having good sex is vital for body’s immunity and strength just like sleep

  13. Your write up really made my day a pleasant and memory keeping one. I am impressed and love your contents. You have really spoken the pure truth about sex. Myself and wife nearly quarreled about romantic life style in the presence of the kids. Now your post had made her see the wrongs from her side. Thanks for sharing once again. Quarantine babies are gonna be born sooner or later,…. Smiles.

    • We shall call them, quaran-teenys! There are always multiple sides to marriage. I’m glad I can admit my wrongs. Not sure what to do about them though, but admitting is a start.

    • Closure is good, and talking does help. But, there are a couple things I think I need a hypnotist to help clear pasts from my mind.

  14. おい!新しい日本のページ。よく見えます。もっとコンテンツをロードしますか?わくわく!もっとシェアしてください。

    • Yes, our intention is to continue to have more on these pages. I’m glad you are enjoying it so far.


  15. Well, Covid19 can’t start sex especially a good one where you get to enjoy yourself thoroughly. A quickie is okay if it is done by a trusted partner.

  16. This topic is not that sensitive. Even unmarried couples do enjoy having sex. It is just a matter of time before people will accept this formally.

    • I had an interesting time telling my dad that we were expecting our first child. His first question, “Are you going to get married?” My answer, “No.” Now, two grand kids in, He might care, but I don’t think so, really. He hasn’t said anything at least.

  17. Well if it is with my girl then ham and cheese first and then Nap time afterwards. Look I know social distancing is a must and should be observed by all means however if you both are in the same roof, sleeping at the same bed then it is a valid reason not to. Besides it is unlikely for us to go out anyway since we are on lock downs

  18. Thank you for sharing an interesting story to read here. Especially during this pandemic, many activities were carried out more frequently online.

  19. Here are people who have become psychologically ill with so much heavy news about Covid, and other people have not obeyed the restrictions because they think that it is a lie that COVID does not exist, for which the police have punished them.

  20. I wish I can turn back time and have that kind of experiences you have way back then. My life is just school and home and nothing special at all.

  21. Well, an interesting story about yourself when you were a teenager. I read this with a smile while taking part in imagining my days when I was young.

  22. My dear you got me laughing. This quarantine has produced a lot of babies here. Even under aged got pregnant because she had nothing doing “in her words”. So some here sees it has an opportunity to explore

  23. Wow, after having kids this fun “in regard sex” will be reduced because a conscience is build up telling us our kids are watching and we won’t want to do shit. That pulls us back. I love you bluntness and I also had a weird sex in an uber.

  24. This is all probably natural vs. new and forever. And while circumstances don’t help, you have to take a higher road. Not that you owe sex or any piece of yourself to anyone but perhaps your kids at this pooint but even them, it is for them to learn and respect the wishes of Mom and dad and then the planet.

    Too many parents will feel like that can’t or shouldn’t teach such but it’s the way things are.

    and today’s world, forget it! lol

  25. Very cool things written here Ms. Kat!

    I’ll say, as for the regional sprinklings that is very “German” lol and of grand conquest! 🙂

    The sex, well, just have it, no? What difference it makes after kids the same, yes?

    The fun isn’t in feeling again. The pleasure is in trying. Did you ever feel like going to work before quitting? Likely not!

    Your song is good too.

    This is all growth per many different links of self and parenting.

    The real learning hasn’t even spread yet.

  26. H0lla!

    I’ll tell you, I’d make my man do all kinds o shit for my lady marmalade *lmao*

    But yea like after kids its like booty……..whaaaat?

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