“Sexist Liver Side” (Auto-Incorrect & Other, “Non”-Essentials…?)

While Mother’s Day is generally joyous, many people were not able to celebrate this year with their Mothers, or, with their children, be it long distances, social-distancing, or a recent death in the family, this year has been undoubtedly difficult. I was fortunate enough to be home with my kids that day, and for the most part, they were behaving, being sweet, and even took their naps. On one hand, I know they need their naps. NEED them, or else, all their demons come out and wreak havoc! But on the other hand, I almost hate when they are both napping because there I am, tip-toeing around the house, unable to really do anything until they wake, for fear of being loud and waking them… — Why does this silence and stillness drive me nuts?!

On a similar but different topic, someone very dear to me lost their Mother recently, and I tried to express my feelings to them.

“Sexist Liver Side” is what my phone sent…

My phone had “corrected” what I was trying to say. Well okay then phone, but actually, that’s not what I meant!! I know this has happened to all who have phones at some point, but seriously, that was not the appropriate time to be silly.

If only my mouth had an auto-correct so that I wouldn’t say the wrong things sometimes…

My brain almost has one. I have referred to them as the committee… — They argue and disagree among themselves before coming to a final decision. A process that I’m unaware of but others have mentioned seeing happen in real time, as I nod my head yes or no to myself.

And I know I’m not alone; I have noticed my Son nodding emphatically to himself when he agrees with something, even for a few minutes afterwards.

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  1. God rest it all! And to hell with auto type corrector!

    I like the speed I can communicate “no” to people though 😀

  2. “tip-toeing around the house, unable to really do anything until they wake”…I get the feeling. My mum told me one day not to sleep because if I do she wont be free to do her house chores again. I was thinking why then but now I know better.

  3. Auto correct can be funny I swear, I typed loved and sent and after reading the reply I saw the person say I shouldn’t love her again. I was shocked and removed the auto correction right away. But that stuff helps alot sha

  4. I’m an unlucky fellow her eot be away from my family during this pandemic. Stranded in a city away from home and can’t travel yet. I love being alone but not all the time especially at this tough times. Anxiety and the silence drives me crazy.

    • I wish you safety and health, and for godsakes the freedom to travel to see family again. Anxiety is a tough battle i’m trying my hardest to beat too.

      • Yes. I do exercise especially jump ropes and home work outs when I really feel anxious and have a warm bath a cup of tea to reduce my anxiety. Hope you doing well.

        • Mine is much better since I stopped working at the hospital. But the extra exercise and sunshine helps for sure. I will start trying tea again, it sounds good.

  5. IT happens as the saying goes once words are uttered we cannot take it back. That is why we must be vigilant in what we say. Since these times are digital, Think before you click ha ha.

  6. That’s a very unfortunate auto-correct with your friend. I agree that it would be nice if our general speech had some kind of auto-correct, but then we’d probably be too robotic. I’m glad you and your son though are on the same page!

  7. In this pandemic times it’s great not be alone. I do live alone an I kinda enjoy the peace of total silence but I must adt that for long periods it could drive me crazy.

  8. At this pandemic we are lucky enough to be home with our family while others are away from home. Cherish the moments of being together because it’s the good impact of this pandemic, being home with family.

  9. A good laugh is always better if the situation does not call for it. Life is better that way, do take things seriously. Live your life and be adamant.

  10. Your are so lucky to be with your good family. You are so fortunate enough to be home with my kids that day, and for the most part, they were behaving, being sweet, and even took their naps. I wish I could witness all this, but the social distancing and stay home lockdown has locked me in another another country. I miss them all. Am happy for your own side of your story.

    • I have not taken the chance to drive into the city to view for myself, but as far as I can tell the riots are actually happening, setting fires and looting as typical during protests gone wild. I did view some home shot video of the national guard shooting citizens with what appears to be Paintballs in an attempt to enforce curfew and get everyone inside their houses. The main bad thing about this that I can see is that the uncertainty comes with racial division. You can not be pro or against these protests with out essentially choosing a “racially motivated side”. But I see it’s not just in Minnesota, and has spread to Washington, Utah, Texas and likely numerous other places. Only time will tell what actually becomes of this scenario. I for one am a little shocked that no one protested and rioted having the nation put on house arrest. I read there was a demonstration in Berlin, but i’m uncertain if the Germans decided to burn up their city too…? Likely not?

  11. Don’t worry about it. As long as the phone doesn’t call you from the future and tell you about its bad past, you are fine? 🙂

  12. Tut mir leid von deinem Freund, aber hey! Die Telefone wollen uns heute besitzen. Sprechen Sie unsere Gedanken aus, bevor wir uns angewöhnen!

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