Sieg Vor Kapitulation! (Victory Before Surrender!)

Many places are printing out the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and holding it up as they are defying local orders and state mandates. The braver me, would do the same and walk into the hospital and just say, “No. I will not do as you say,” (and see if they fire me or let me work). The half-strong/half-weakling in me who hates confrontation and worries too much about what others think (or how my actions affect “them” too) is torn, between continuing to work (which is unsafe for my family) and quitting. But either way, the main idea is to protect my family, to protect my rights, and to never comply and get on some state funded FEMA internment database. So, forgive me, but “No”, I don’t want to be tested for COVID. Not now, not ever! And, especially when there are conflicting reports, false positives, and states that have well overstated their powers, crossing every line imaginable, “No” thank-you, I do not want to check for antibodies or contact tracing of exposure, none of it; I am done (being complicit).

As well, I do not want to have my temperature taken forcibly. I am not ill. “I have no fever or I would not have come in to work.”

Stating that all of these measures to be mandated are in place, in order to work is only leading up to the biggie of all biggies…

Another vaccination.

(A pretend cure) — I am sorry, I am not interested. They cant even get their own stories straight. I am already wearing a mask daily and depriving my brain of oxygen for far too many hours a day. I do not want to be away from my kids anymore. The world we were in months ago, is gone. I can no longer put everyone else’s needs above my own and my families needs. Yes, yes, be a kind human, but, if this is war, everyone is in it for themselves. — Thirteen years of experience, hard work, and excuse me for bragging, being damn good and in high demand, down the drain…

But… Oh well. Hard times call for extreme measures.

And this is all something I can not give in to!!

Tell the World! Now!!


  1. I grew up in the cities and I can vouch that everything you guys are saying about the whole thing being unusual and possibly an invasion is 100% what’s going on!

    I’d say be careful no matter what because in this new world or whatever t is, you just never know what’s up.

    That meme is truth!

    • Thanks! I’ve only been to St Paul once, and just to the airport in Minneapolis a handful of times. I can tell you one thing though, the way things are these days, I won’t be trying to fly anywhere any time soon regardless of 39-49$ advertised flights.

      • Site a little broken for me but could be laptop software. I see a story and follow link here. How much are you behind the statements carried?

        I agree but can only say I’ve seen few mainline sources that allow such to be said.

        I advise to fight and stay safe.

        It like they say in USA might pop!

        • Thank you, we will double check the site. I feel like those statements needed to be made, I’m glad the company agrees and is putting a foot down so that things can’t be misinterpreted down the line.

  2. So wenn, denn, also? Du gedenkt alle willst bist für kapitualieren, oder, surrenderen, wollt du krieg mit dem governmenta als verstand zuruckt war sie fuhler, impakt mehr?

    Das ist fur diskussion, mehr im fakt dann posiert der menschschaft, ja?

    Ich denken.

    Krieg kommnt.

    Bolshivismus arriviert im USA!

    • I can hear the drums too, loud and clear. The media seems to be pushing people to agree with and surrender. I believe it will be a split nation of factions, unfortunately. Know the old saying, “Divided We Fall”? I would hope that more people would wake up and put an end to it. But yes, This is indeed the same Bolshivismus my Oma told me we came to America to avoid.

    • Nicht jetzt Kommunisme? Sehst, liken, der governmentieren ist suchen fur die abiliten zu macht das moviert im largestepGruppiert, also, mit kein rekourse zum alle aktions machen.

      Trueiert die krieg ist kommnt, oder, der solutionen im guise an liberationen.

      Mein denkt von alle haben.

      ( Sorrie, mein Deutsch ist nicht gut et was mir als Dansk nativ. )

      • Kommunistit. Varma.
        Bolsevikkien? Varmasti!

        Joten sitten tiedät, sinun on hyvin ymmärrettävä, että näiden ryhmittymien tapa on säälimätön.

        Historia ja nyky.

      • I’m not certain of these events, what will happen next. One must have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

        Alle Bleiben Sie wachsam und bleiben Sie sicher!

        Stay Alert and Stay Safe, Everyone!

  3. That’s what life is about, making decisions. although it seems very nice to me that you shared with your children.

  4. “I do not want to have my temperature taken forcibly. I am not ill.” I honestly couldn’t have said it better!

  5. For a moment I thought this article would be in a foreign language after I saw the title. Glad it’s in English though.

  6. I don’t agree with everything you say but I do respect your opinion. I guess that’s what makes our country so great. We are all free to have our own opinions and are entitled to them.

    • It’s frustrating sometimes because I want to convince family members or friends to do the same, and some just take the bait and accept whatever is told to them.

  7. Alot of conflicting reports, false positives, and states that have well overstated their powers, crossing every line imaginable, I wont give myself up for COVID test. Is just like they wanted every body to be positive

    • False positives, contaminated kits, and people that tested positive within two weeks of testing negative. Forget whether or not they are being shady about the whole thing for a moment… Think logically about widespread testing of everyone for the flu. It doesn’t prevent any one from catching it the following week after testing or even directly after they leave the testing site, and stop at a gas station to fuel their car. Do they plan to do yearly, monthly, weekly or daily tests on everyone in the world? It doesn’t have logic to it. Perhaps only testing those who are ill with the symptoms? No, they just want to scare everyone into being tracked and contaminated. (In my opinion)

  8. Though it’s a new way of life, not comfortable wearing this mask for hours depriving my brain fresh oxygen. Seriously speaking now, if a vaccine is introduced, I dont mind taking part in the test. Tired already of this mask.

    • Personally, although the mask helps a little, it’s gonna take more than that to keep this corona stuff in check. Those little masks are becoming old real quick and furthermore a lot of people are not even wearing them properly. And like you said it’s restricting breathing and oxygen. Guess the masks are just a sort of a “band-aid” for this issue until the powers that be figure out a better solution.

    • Just careful that the cure doesn’t become worse than the disease. I have a friend who’s brother is in the military, and they recently gave him something that shut down his liver almost instant. I am not aware of what they gave him, or if it was related to covid trial vaccines in any way. But he is very sick now and was just recent extremely healthy. I have read other statements of similar reactions to people in the trial groups for this vaccine. I hope, for my own personal reasons that they do not make any vaccines mandatory. Everyone should be able to chose which chemical and foreign objects they want to allow injected into their bodies.

      • Many many healthy people who have “caught” covid, and sars for that matter, have in fact recovered fine and now they naturally have the antibodies against this said virus.

  9. We all need to adjust in the new normal. This time is really tough but needs to be more serious more than ever.

  10. So much respect with your post and opinion. What’s happening right now is really tough. People have their own perception and ways to manage what’s happening right now. Stay safe everyone.

  11. It’s definitely a conflicting time and hard to make a stance with the news changing every week. Obviously family is a top priority.

  12. I respect the fact that you do not wanna be tested but it is a must to be honest. Especially now that we have yet to have a vaccine. Testing is not perfect but it works. I would rather have that than nothing. Sorry!!!

    • I understand your sentiment. I just do not hang my “hopes” on a vaccine either. There are plenty of other ways to stay healthy too, my friend.

  13. This coronavirus badly affected us but at the same time brings us closer to our family and God. We call it new normal now, but if possible for vaccine to be realized it would be a great blessing to everyone, I’ll still choose the life before this pandemic. The life where I can fully provide for my family, the life where there is no social distancing required, the life where you can move and breath freely. I miss it so much.

  14. It is indeed tough times. People need to be aware and stand up for what is right. But sometimes things that we think are right may not always be the correct way to react.

  15. Information is life. This is a informative article to the concerned. You are pretty right, hard times call for extreme measures.

    • Sing a rock song, get skinny and paint a masterpiece? I might just sit around eating reeses pieces for a day or two though.

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