The Lost Art Of Having Fun?

I received a letter from a childhood friend the other day. An actual paper and pen letter. We have each others phone numbers and emails etc. but, we don’t talk much anymore. Not for any reason in particular. Her letter was several pages long, asking me how I’m doing and telling me about family. It was a nice surprise and felt much more meaningful than many of the conversations I’ve had recent, even face to face. I started to write her back and, before I knew it, my hand written reply was six pages long. I’ve always been competitive. Funny thing though; it was written on yellow, blue, and green construction-paper from my Son’s crafts and coloring supplies.

Oh well…

Perhaps I will purchase “real” paper soon and surprise a few other people with handwritten letters! Reviving the lost art and sentiment might be just what someone needs. Or it could be a pain in their butt, that they don’t feel like reading at the time they received it, and they could just have wish I had called them…

I don’t know if it was what I “needed” in that moment, or if it was just fun.

A callback to time, memories, and an interesting way of future communications…?

“In vain we roared;in vain we tried
To rouse her into laughter:
Her pensive glances wandered wide
From orchestra to rafter –
“TIER UPON TIER!” she said,and sighed;
And silence followed after.”
― Lewis Carroll, Jabberwocky and Other Poems

Speaking of a callback to memories past, I have been playing some old video games again. I actually was playing Super Mario Bros. and giving my son a play by play of the jumps I was making, and failing to make, and the mushrooms, and castle levels. He thought it was funny. I am not as good as I remember being as a kid. Other games I wait to play until after the kids go to bed, so I can focus. I love Tetris and Dr. Mario — I don’t play them every day, or night, but I seem more relaxed and happy when I do play for at least a little while.

Having fun shouldn’t be a mystery or some far fetched idea, yet it seems to be something I actually have to force my self to do sometimes. Come on Kat, Beat Your Highscore! You know you want to!

“At the time, my life just seemed too complete, and maybe we have to break everything to make something better out of ourselves.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

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  1. Oh wow, this sure brings back memories. I have never received a lot of handwritten letters even as a child growing up. I have always thought to myself that writing someone anything via old fashioned mail, using pen and paper, is the best way to convey your sincerest thoughts and feelings, something which really can’t be replicated by sending text or email.

    With regards to having fun, I guess being a rather lonely child I was easily appeased by reading books, and playing with my stuffed toys, using my imagination to have other playmates to have fun with. It was kind of awkward trying to find this nice fit of what I consider fun with the people who I finally called friends as a grown up, and I’m quite amazed that we still share it after decades of long friendship. I am very fortunate that I could still have that kind of fun. Here’s to hoping you beat that high score!

  2. Speaking of a callback to memories past, I have been playing some old video games again. I like games personally, so you have just posted my best games. Your post really made me happy.

  3. Nostalgia! My favorite game was Circus Charlie, Tetris, Mario and Contra. lol. This games was so much fun and a lot of joysticks were broke.

  4. Somethings are best by doing them the old fashioned way. Reconnecting with old friends is great in bringing a lost part of yourself back into fruition. I would also love another go at Dr. Mario! Thanks for the uplifting piece.

  5. Writing a hand written letter is very much appreciated. It takes you time to write and it really let you share your feelings deep down.

  6. I actually was playing Super Mario Bros. and TETRIS when I was a kid. I couldn’t let go of the effect of the sound till now. Getting the paper with the letters will actually joggle lots of memories!

  7. I agree with you..reviving the lost art will bring back so many past memories..Writing letters on paper,playing old video games, riding bikes..all this bring back nostalgic feelings..
    Mario was my jam back in the days..

  8. Purchasing “real” paper soon and surprise a few other people with handwritten letters will be fantastic. Though feels awkward but awesome. A mix feeling. Try it this xmas period

  9. Handwritten letters are quite uncommon now. I remember when I was in elementary school, the teacher asked us to have pen pals and to actively write each other. Reading your article takes me to my memory lane about the good ol’ days! Especially the Super Mario Bros picture!

      • It is indeed a cool idea! Me and my pen pal (this is about 25 years ago!) used to wrote each other every other week for 2 years. It was an exciting moment to wait for her reply and wondering what she put in the envelope along with the letter. I sometimes gave her a glitter surprise inside (what a messy kid) and sometimes I made her bookmarkers. I didn’t know what happened, we just sort of stop mailing each other. 🙁

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