I realize that not much of what I say about my personal life is of any importance to anyone other than myself. Especially in times like now. While I do believe that everything going on currently worldwide is amplified and fueled by media, you have to take into account that a lot of things resemble a badly written movie-script from a “Left Behind” Christian apocalypse novel. Kirk Cameron rushes on scene and looks around as everything is crumbling around him, at which point he yells up at the sky, “WHY JESUS!! What the gosh darn?!” — Maybe. — Think about it?! Diseases, invisible viruses, famines, war, and rumors of war, race war, protests, riots, looting, earthquakes, locusts, curfews, government abuses…did I miss anything…? Only thing missing to top this year off would be an Alien Invasion, or, at least, increased UFO and Bigfoot sightings (you know, the fully verified kind)…

My deciding to focus on my own family and not work has very little to do with anything other than being a pivotal decision for me to keep my mind sane. Screw the Pandemika (Pandemic). In the words of my son, “Pandemika macht me angry!” — And that’s another thing, our kids. How is all of this affecting them? Not allowed to go anywhere or visit anyone for months, and when they are out, people are rude, angry, or fearful of each other. Nothing is right anymore. Society is broken. I took my son to the park the other day because screw it, he has to have a life too, and there were a few other kids there. He was ‘sooooo’ excited to see other children and wanted to play, but this older girl kept running from him, climbing up high and crossing her arms saying, “Germs.” — I had two lessons to teach my son that day after we left:

One – people won’t always want to play with him (and that’s ok), he needs to respect that and he just has to see if someone else is willing to play

Two – fuck that, it’s a public place. Don’t be angry at kids at a park with germs, when you can stay home. Just wash your damn hands after you play. Playgrounds have never been clean places. I assume most people know this (and usually have their kids wash hands after playing). Wash your hands before you eat and after using the restroom. This is nothing new (to me at least?)

It’s this kind of little stuff that drives me nuts about society currently.

I realize I don’t have to be a slave to conventional ideas or to my belongings, my bills, my job, or to any other peoples opinions.

In the old-world, many things mattered. Now, I’m just trying to position myself for survival and sustainability, and I’m trying to keep my head clear and stay a little peaceful, despite my anger.

What’s most important to you?

(And now) for something funny and odd??

My baby (my second Son) has difficulty with textures for some reason (grass, water, dog-fur, etc.) — His fear is new to me. He is terrified of leather gardening gloves. Terrified! I’m not sure if it was the feel of it or if he thought it was a big scary hand…

It’s probably bad that I laugh but I think it’s hilarious, and I’m sure he will outgrow this eventually.

I hope everyone is having a good night. Stay healthy, stay safe!

– Kat

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  1. First of all, thank you deeply for everything you and your organizations stand for. Respect. No doubt. Also, that meme is pure gold so keep it up!

    Besides all that, I was reading around and kind of bouncin both sites and there’s one thing I can’t imagine based on your last news which is like, how does a “music” corporation get tangled in the way you guys are treading?

    Not that I don’t agree with anything that’s been said, posted whatever but like my friends, they do they raps and all that but like there’s absolutely no layers like this stuff your “entity” as y’all call it in the mix if ya know what I’m gettin at.

    Anyway. So cool, keep on with it cuz God knows somebody gotta talk the right shit.


    • What’s so hard to believe?

      This girl and her people got substance and a stance. Don’t matter what you tread, it’s how they go about it.

      Your friends and their raps? pffft

      Let me tell you. Lots of people think they got lot to offer the world but it’s what you do with it.

      Boom, snap!

  2. Well i’m glad you guys are ready for war *lmao*

    and what the hell is wrong with your composer guy hahahahahaha

    too funny!

  3. Very good meme,! I think its very interesting how you explained that things could be converted into a war production type scenario in those other articles. I wouldn’t think of a music or movie company in that kind of sense of things happening but it does make sense even though it sounds a little out there.

    I know this probably isn’t the case but did you guys like have to have that meeting yet? *LOL*

  4. First of all like some others have said, GREAT Fookin MEME! hahahaha

    Now, I’m not even sure hw to say the next pat but just HOLY freakin SMOKE BOMB pipe balls! That’s some crazy crazy words on the Washington thing but I won’t lie, I AGREE 5000%


    But just wow, i mean, I can’t even begin to think I’d say or call any of it out like that with the same style , prose or whatever the heck you’d label it!

    But all that asie I want to say THANK YOU.

    Just a big THANKS!

    I got family, friends, neighbors that just can’t get the glue off their eyes.

    • It’s frustrating, right? I’ve decided.. for my own sanity really. I can not save everyone. And I will stop sharing information with those family members. Love ’em to death, but I can’t force them. They have to come to clarity in their own way. Only unfortunately it might be for them once it’s already to late.

    • I get it tho cuz see, what they sayin is like that it can get heated small, or it could like go nuclear in a snap, B00m! So, if they say well so and so person was small and insignificant becuz some other LARGE brained group, ready to take it to the end is like Yeh, let’s do this right then again, B00m! That’s the unexpected thing.

      Not passing out guns like candy thinkin ya being all earth shattering n shit.

      My interpretation but ya know, maybe.

  5. Heyyyy! Jus saw yo thing wher u say y’all like wud go 2 war n shit! wha da phuck! 😳 hahaha i wanna go 2 war too!


  6. GREAT MEME! And awesome site!

    I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that NO PERSON around me understands what’s going on at all!

  7. 私がしたオリエンタルニュースの話を見てください。マルチメディアの人々や企業のスタンスを非常に広くするために非常に独特です。しかし、人種差別は歴史と現在で行われています。ばかげた。すべて麻痺。あなたは平和を見つけますか、それとも長い戦いを強いられますか?

    • We just want to live our life and make our music. But, we must stay aware of what is really going on globally.


    • 非常に興味深い見通し。あまりにも、私はそれ以上の考えを知っているのが好きです。

      • 私たちはより多くの考えを共有していきます。しかし、最初に、より多くの音楽。

        We will continue to share more thoughts. But first, more music.


  8. Great meme and i aint supporting black lives no more. heck no I aint NO MARXIST!

    I’m half black half german so they can all think what they want!

  9. Your companies is saying so much stuff! 😕

    I don’t doubt it is truth or sincerity but oh my, you have to be careful, they censor remove people so fast now!

    I feel similar but can’t say much to those i know.

  10. Awesome meme and crazy things u sayin yo! well maybe not crazy but ya know, true in a way that’ll get cha effed up in some places.

    But I agree!

    I aint no commie!

  11. Saw your statements while catching up on sports. So you feel race baited by the other people and businesses? That’s harsh. but I understand completely if that’s how it is.

    • Those were responses to emails the company has been receiving from these and other corporations regarding this subject.

  12. Hi chula!

    You don’t worry about any of this nonsense!

    You just come to spain and learn to party in new ways 🙂

  13. I wonder if there’s a medical term for the fear of textures. Seems like there’s a name for all types of phobias nowadays haha.

  14. That’s an important life lesson you gave to your child at the park. People won’t always want to play with him (and that’s ok).

  15. You have to love kids though. They are so innocently cute and unaware of all that’s going on in the world. Maybe we should all be like kids.

  16. The media has really amplified and fueled the situation out there, atimes I ask myself is this thing this scary? Kids are getting fed up,imagine what this will cause them.

  17. Seriously people are rude, angry, or fearful of each other whenever we have opportunity of going out. Kids have begin the know the impact of this pandemic and they’ve started asking questions parents cant answer

  18. It’s hard to adopt to the quick changes pandemic brought us. From social closure to social distancing. From FREE to limited. Adults are bothered as well as kids. The good thing about this pandemic is it brings us closer to our family, from life less time for family to 24/7 with family, this made us know our kids better.

  19. This situation regarding the pandemic is exceeding the limits. I really regret that this happened to your son, I think that should not happen to a child. But I really liked the lesson he taught him.

  20. I think society as we know it is just gone, I’m sorry that your kid experimented this situation in the park because kids have a very different way to see the world compare to adults and this pandemic is affecting them .

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