Time Will Tell

I was laying awake last night and thinking something… I can’t fully recall what exactly the thought that occurred to me was. I should have gotten up right away to write it down, as I know it will return to me at an inopportune moment.

Earlier this week, I was reminded of The Weather And, The Wine (Be Warned, Things Could Get Naked) — Over a year ago, we were sitting enjoying drinks and watching the bad weather, only to find out that it was a coming tornado (not near off) — We had no idea! — Well, as that’d happened before, we had our own “separate” tornado scare recently; the weather sirens went off, except this time I have a child so, I can’t drink and laugh and curse at the sky. We actually had to quickly go down to the basement and wait it out. Nothing came of it but some heavy rain (thank goodness).

Again, the change of perspective looms in my mind. I am a moody mess some days. But then I remember where I am now, who I’m becoming, and all the shit I’ve been through. I am grateful. I am angry, but I am grateful.


Channeling The Anger:

I’ve wanted to push a few select songs to the mainstream radio to see how they will do. It’s a big step, it has it’s own risks, kinda. A lot of work must be done, most of which my partner is doing, because let’s face it; he is much more organized and disciplined than I am currently. I am however, a work of art (in progress), and this FM radio push was my idea.

The parts are in motion, time will tell.

I’m excited.

Like a hyper-child, I just farted?

I have a few other creative ideas brewing that I will need to fully flesh out, before moving forward.

All in good time…

Tell the World! Now!!


  1. It’s profound how a disaster – literal or figurative – makes an impact on how we view or put importance to certain things. When something eventful happens, our perspective change, and we tend to see the things that really matter. Proud of how you are able to channel your anger to something productive and meaningful. Keep it up!

  2. right once some natural calamity happens and we are in that place in such situation nothing could be done other wait for the disaster to come,else rescue team to come or by gods grace calamity goes away

  3. I wanted to try a lot of things too, my mind is crowding with ideas and I make sure I take note of all of it so I can make it happen in the near future. So don’t be afraid to try new things, take that risk, so one day we wouldn’t regret anything.

  4. Keep a notebook and a pen handy by your bedside table. You wouldn’t know when creativity (or brooding thoughts) will strike. Good to be ready.

  5. Will be waiting for the music on the radio, it always good to have a more organized and disciplined partner it does help to push one’s idea up.

  6. though for me there’s some negative emotions seen on this but the good part is the author still grateful that there still always positivity in life… the title wants to send us message that the has still full of hopes

  7. For me there is no right or wrong when it comes to expressing our thoughts. I believe that we just just the responsibility to say the right terms for what feel inside. I salute you for that.

  8. I feel you. Any kind of bad situation can make a mess out of any person’s life in some form or another. Things suddenly get a whole different meaning – what you experienced before you had a child and now have one, as you have so written so poignantly in here. It is good that you have found a channel in order to express or at least vent off some of what makes you feel bad.

  9. Really a concise piece of writing to read. An anger can be better channelised to some artistic ideas like in writing and music.

  10. I like how you vent out your thoughts. I felt every inch of emotion from that. Both music and writing are great channels to express whatever it is that’s troubling us.

  11. I like your words you were angry but still grateful. The most important thing is being grateful all the time even in the midst of a bad weather.

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