To 2021 & Beyond!

Winter has come again, same sparkling snow, same frosty chill, same majestic beauty and wonders, seen somewhat through the lens of isolation. I’m not going to complain about the fact that it’s now been one year since I’ve seen my extended family, as I know many of you are in the same boats. What I will say however is that the New Year always gets me contemplating and re-evaluating myself, my emotions, and external factors allowed to be in my, “inner circle”, dusting off the cobwebs from my inner-being – only – this year, this new year, after The Last Year — is also the beginning of a new decade. What do I want to be focused on for the next ten years? What type of energy do I wish to project going forward…?

I am choosing to imagine myself as Tom Cruise in the film, The Last Samurai. He started out an undisciplined jerk with a temper and a drinking problem, and when he returned from living with the Samurai, he had focus, discipline, and a more stoic sense of self. He may have died by the end of the film but he died with honor! Yes!! This is how I choose to approach the next decade, or at least, how I’ll handle my interactions with others going forward.


The coming days might be filled with peril but! I choose to not give a damn, stand my ground with honor (and yes, with a little Vodka)!! ~ Kat (


Takeo Tama (Business-Update):

My Brand has been getting a little makeover, and a few things have changed as we strive to not just stay viable, but grow into the new decade. Items such as going, “ad-less” (for instance) and pulling away from social-media (even more so than previously). The Music is of course, “our” focus but, we are hoping to open ourselves up to new opportunities, sans all distraction.

It also seems as though the country specific links are being utilized well. We will be continuing to try to keep those updated and current.

Takeo Tama .international.

I think they look great (and hopefully) all of you are able to enjoy them also! I’m generally enamored with foreign-languages. I would be so thrilled to be able to speak more of them fluently. Besides English, I have rusty Sign-Language skills, mediocre conversational Spanish and currently, I’m trying to brush up my German quickly before my youngest begins talking and I’m not able to understand him.

Speaking of enamored…


I came across a report in our records that showed “Find Me” was playing on radio, in Finland?? I was very surprised because we had no idea (which I guess is a common thing to not know about when distributing Songs world-wide) but either way, I think that’s super cool!

All support is very much appreciated.

An extremely huge Thank-You to (whoever, in) Finland!!

I wish you all health, happiness, and a late (but happy) New Year!

Hopefully, we can all make 2021 an excellent year!!


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  1. 曲を探しています。ロックダウンについて。リンクが見つかりません。


  2. Interesting all of a sudden changes at the Takeo music site. I think that’s intriguing! I noticed too that you’re not very bells and whistles over social signals and things like that.

    And controversial also!

    You might be onto to something others are still stuck with.

  3. Those are large aspirations with your brand going thrugh 2021!

    Exciting! And who knows if anything would stick, right?

    But you’re keeping it going and that’s for sure braver than most things not, continuing on. I mean seriously, tons of friends just jumped the shark with the last covid news buzz.

    Messy times!

    • I’m not going any where. Will still be sharing here as much as I can. (Or at least when I have something semi-interesting to say)

  4. Learning a new skill and even a language is what I thing I can achieve this year, that’s what I wanna focus on. Lovely and blissful to us all

  5. New decade birth new weather. Focus and discipline as you said really will help the world at large. Looking forward to a brighter and better year

  6. While I do not do resolutions I guess this might be a good way to start. Alot has happened so we all need a RESET. One of ny resolution this year is to be more open to people. What are yours???

    • Ah yes, being more open is good. I think I want to (try) to control my mood-swings, or at least how I react to them and I would like to work on being kind, or saying nothing. (What Thumper’s mother told him from Bambi… “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say nothing at all”) I sometimes say rude things, and realize way later that they weren’t nice.

  7. I really expect this yeae to be better. Not just for everyone but for me as well. I am starting a new income venture and this means new year new start for me. Happy New year guys.

  8. I also identify a lot with the movie The Last Samurai because discipline and perseverance is what I have been working on for a long time but I want to have willpower and not bow to anything and if I am the living representation of the samurai expressed in defeating my baddies habits.

  9. I realize that you have another perspective on life and that is good, we must dust off the skills that are still and undertake the unknown to show us what we are made of, I am glad to know that your thoughts have focus.

  10. Thinking of what you plan to do for 2021 and beyond or even for the next 10 years may seems like a herculean task. However, I applaud that level of determination. I have many languages I am learning as well. Nowadays, carving out time seems challenging, but I wish you all the best.

  11. Planning your year is the best way to get on an adventure that we want. And I also hope that all of us will get to recover this year. Oh! By the way, I admire you for being multi-lingual 🙂

  12. Well, I think if we dont change our thinking and believes, we still will find ourselves in deep shit. Let think positively and different

  13. うわー!あなたは映画のように再構築し、次にゲームのWebサイトを再構築します!



    • どうもありがとうございました。目を引くことが私たちが目指していたものです。

      Thank You very much! Eye-catching is what we were aiming for.

  14. Hi. Um. Ok, I had a bookmark to a different site, or well, ok f00k it! An adult entertanment site but I’ve ended up here the last few clicks.

    What happened?

  15. Please keep sharing your posts and thoughts with us, I really enjoy them. I wish you the very best with the new projects that you have in mind.

  16. I love that your posts are so real and genuine. I’m starting the year a bit worried about the situation in my country with Covid but I think I must be positive and think in new challenges and goals as you think todo, That would help me to move forward and will keep my mind healthy.

    • It’s very difficult to not have a negative mentality these days. But, I think trying to shift the focus has to be healthy all around. Best of luck to you, dear.

  17. Yes, I am still in the same situation when the biggest ever pandemic started. Hope, the college opens soon and we have a peaceful and healthy year ahead.

  18. You seem very driven and I love the nod to Last Samurai! I admire how multifaceted you are and that you want to take on new languages as well as branching out with your music.

  19. I will like to look back and make amends if that’s possible. What did we do to make this world as deadly as this. If it’s our doing, we should redo it all. No more virus or COVID…..I am tired already

  20. I pray as a new weather is ushered in, a new change will happen making an end to this pandemic. A restoration of economies and peace. Those I pray for

  21. It looks like you know what you want. I hope I can find some clarity and think in a plan to use wisely my time and be focused this year.

  22. I think you have the right attitude to start the year, hope you can accomplish your projects and be proud of your effort by the end of the year.

  23. I will miss your post if you do less of social media, your post are so free to heart and casual though rich in content. Thanks for been part of my 2020.

  24. Yea, I choose to not give a damn, stand my ground with honor (and yes, with lots of prayers). It has been God and will always be God.

  25. Cheers and here’s hoping and wishing you have a wonderful year ahead for you and your family. I really can’t wait until this pandemic is over and we can all get back to our normal lives again.

  26. Loved the Takeo Tama shout out ha ha. Anyway I hope 2021 will truly be better. I know we still have a long way from what this crisis did but we got to start somewhere.

  27. Finally we can start anew as the previous year has been bad to be honest. Regardless I look forward to a new start. Happy New Year everyone.

  28. I wish in 2021 that this cvid-19 pandemic will be gone. Goodbye to terrifying effects of the current health threats.

    • When I first went to college I was doing a sign language interpreter program, near the end of the program I shifted gears and decided to go into the medical field. So I still know some of it, but not anywhere near being skilled enough to be the little person in a square at the bottom of news conferences. 🙂

  29. Improving my language skills is also a goal for me, I really wanna be able to travel and communicate when things get more normal around the world regarding Covid.

  30. I definitely will have to watch that movie, I really need to try something different this year to become more focused and disciplined or I´ll never get to achieve my goals.

  31. All I crave for is a brighter and big year. A year of restoration, no more pandemic and peace worldwide. That’s what I look for in 2021

  32. I just hope that this brand new year will bring a new beginning to us all. I wish that it will give us a fresh start from the tragic 2020.

  33. 2020 happens to be a though year for the world. 2021 should please be nice to us. Am happy to be part of this 2021.

  34. I will like to look back and realize a lot has changed for me. I will be focused, disciplined, and a more stoic sense of self. This will be better

  35. Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021! I am so glad 2020 is over, and I hope that we can all rise above this year. The whole world needs a refresh!

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