True Movie Magic And The Masses Who Miss And Missed It

In between working on things, I spend some of my time watching movies. I love older films mostly. More story, less CGI/explosions, and realistic dialog.

Kids cussed, families weren’t perfect, and the realness of it was just good. It’s a relief to view them, not all the actors and actresses had perfect teeth or bodies, it’s just life, and good story-lines portrayed.

In one, the cop just wants to retire so his nutty wife can relax, but he ends up hunting down a deranged ex-husband who has snapped.

(Can you guess which movie this is?)
Tell me below…

In another, all the students trying to become doctors test what lies beyond death by killing and then bringing one another back.

(Can YOU GUESS which movie this is?)
Tell me below…

In another, a young boy wants so desperately to be older that he wishes it, only to find that he teaches others how to be younger at heart.

(CAN YOU GUESS which movie this is?)
Tell me below…

Every film has been enjoyable for different reasons and, they are extremely creative. They have meaningful plot twists and even though some are more far fetched than others, they’re somehow relevant beyond reality.

I don’t watch daily television programming at all, although, I have to admit, I will occasionally get sucked into a season of some series and marathon it for a day or two.

My original sin?

Damn you NETFLIX!

And now, an important message from, TAKEO TAMA:

Scroll down below and tell me if you know which movies I watched, or, you can tell me about the time you got sucked into your TV and found yourself riding horseback in an old western, but, don’t tell me about the time you met Jesus and bet him five dollars that he didn’t really know The Devil (we all have an idea how that likely turned out)…

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  1. I can’t identify the movies you’re referencing here, but I really agree with you. I also prefer old movies because they are truly more artistic, realistic, and enjoyable to watch vs. another superhero saving the world…how long until people tire of paying for comic movies with the same plot?!?

  2. If you like classic movies, might I suggest the movie “The Days of Wine and Roses.” It was nominated for a number of awards the year it was made but there was apparently so many good movies out at the time that it lost simply because the competition was so stiff. The movie is about alcoholism and though it is dated and therefore a bit corny in spots, it is a very realistic portrayal of what alcoholism looks like and what it does to relationships. Truly one of the best movies on the subject I have ever seen.

  3. The only one I guessed was “Big.” A good Western to get sucked into is “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” Lots of hidden messages on life in that movie and a great showdown at the end.

  4. I have no idea about those film. But if you want to watch weird movies, I suggest this movie, “The Human Centipede”. That is the grossest movie I’ve ever watched.

  5. I think aside from watching movies. You should also watch plays and read books. If you’re looking for the rawness in your entertainment you should watch a play. There’s always a rawness in them plus, you can’t retake it. I guess that’s more raw than movies where you can actually retake things.

  6. Hi, also can’t anticipate the three movies which you have picked. That aside, the older, classic movies are always the best; most of what we watch today are remakes of the classics!

  7. I can’t guess any of those three movies. But someone answered the 3rd movie is “Big”. I think I know that movie but I can’t remember if I watched that before. My husband have collections of Tom Hanks movies, I will check it later.

  8. The third movie, the one with the boy who wanted to be older; is it Big starring Tom Hanks? No idea what the other two movies are but the second movie sounds interesting.

  9. I think I have a lot of TV and movie culture, but I can´t guess any of the movies jajajaja, well you should watch Lovers of the artic circle, it´s an amazing movie.

  10. Oh! I´m so dissapointed because I can´t guess the name of any movie :(, but I can suggest you for your next free weekend a maraton of Stranger Things, It´s amazing.

  11. I can’t guess the movies, but i am really interested in finding out. I am not also fond of watching TV and TV shoes especially soap operas. but a marathon of crime and investigation shows would surely keep me on the couch.

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