Twitter Banned?! (And Other Tactful Ramblings)…

A few of you pointed out (or may have noticed on your own) that I’m, “banned” on Twitter…? And, for suspicious activity no less–so–WHICH ONE OF YOU PUNKS REPORTED ME?? *LoL* — This fucking world, I swear. So apparently, all you have to do to be flagged as suspicious is write a Tweet to the President of the United States. It wasn’t even a bad one, I thought it was funny. But oddly enough, not just “my” account was banned, but all of our Takeo Tama and song related pages… Or, maybe it was the last blog about COVID-19 on that did the trick. Quite a few people seemed to come to that link (it says temporarily restricted but we’re not allowed to reinstate “any” of our accounts at this time). Either way, all we can do is say, “Fuck it!”

Keep in mind; none of the mentioned articles or Tweets contained anything to be considered, “controversial”…

I’d read articles on how Facebook is labeling and shutting down people planning protests to the government as “misinformation” but the truth is, they started censoring way long ago so we unplugged!


YouTube censors, The Big “G” censors, Comedy is censored, Instagram is censored, even song-titles and album-images to distributors get censored.

I’m not sure how it is in every county/country exactly but in North-America, we merely have the illusions of freedom.

– Freedom of Speech (unless you say something that can be construed as hateful or opposing to the general opinion)

– Freedom to Protest (in certain “designated” areas only and, with a permit, pre-approved only of course)

* Freedom to continue working for a living…? (only if you are an approved “essential” employee)

I’m sorry, I must have wrongly thought that earning a living for any family was an “essential” job.

As well, like the Governor of Michigan, tightening her reigns harder after the people revolted; this lady bans gardening and vegetable-seeds being sold from stores and prohibits people from visiting their neighbors…

HMMM… let’s see. Economy is shit, people can’t work, and grocery food prices are fucking high as shit… I know, let’s ban them from being able to grow their own food too! If things get worse, if i’m not being positive enough for you, just try again tomorrow!!

Playgrounds and parks are taped off, basketball hoops are boarded up, but you can go through the drive through and get fat and ready for diabetes. People are likely to stop accepting cash at some point because hey, it’s dirty (and not traceable)! Everything is (out of?) under control, and all freedom is mainly a joke.

What’s next everyone? Oh wait, I heard Billy boy Gates has the cure! The long awaited answer to the world’s problems. More vaccines and micro-chipping! Is anyone else’s leaders doing any better? We are all in this together…..right? This is bullshit! So, while Twitter may have banned me and all I’m associated with……….we say, “Fuck it!”

We’ll likely lose some traffic and some search-rank. I will have to keep my comments to myself……….? And by that, I mean, to “you”, at “this” Blog. Tee-hee ha, ha-ha…

At the end of the day, how much does it matter any way?

Like the Kuneo Koei company taught and how myself and Takeo tama were mentored, “At social media entities, it is their platforms, not yours. Build alone and expand through them so that when you cannot expand, for whatever variable reasons, your entity maintains what it built, sans repercussions.”

I have my own website, and until the day that its banned…or…death itself comes to censor me…

Life moves forward!

Thank-you all for enduring this rant (brought to you by the excitable and exclamatory mind of: Katlina Kliewer).

Listen to the “Lyrics” of this song?!


Tell the World! Now!!


  1. Guess you are going all the way with that ban then? 😀

    Saw the new news too and think maybe you are in for one big ride *lol*

    • i was about to comment on that snip but, i don’t think it’s her, ye know? But it’s definitely a breath of fresh air to hear a non arguing opposition. I can get behind that. I can’t get behind the way large news media does it because they over blow everything!

  2. Just read the news article about all this stuff. I was wantin to try something business like for my stuff but this shit gettin crazy yo. But i was just wonderin if like, you had any kind of definitive advice for any aspect about what you guys experienced?

    If you know what I mean.


  3. I’ve never known you do the Takeo Tama stuffs too but that’s a really great thing you are doing!

    I just like the musics made by persons. I don’t like that what you call autotunes either but my daughter, she listens to new so, autotune everything.

    But when I want new like my old, I do your singings and the other man in your organization!

  4. Just came from the other site.

    You guys are crazy! 😛 But only becuz y’all keep going!

    Really like that you aren’t playing up the victim game tho. No hypocrisy and definitely clear.

    Keep going, the rest can’t get any worse, right?


    But you can stay cool, can’t ya?

    World’s lost its cool, that’s all I know.

    • I get tired of hearing people do the “poor me” thing. Absolutely correct, The world has lost it’s cool. But, it is what it is.

  5. Well I for one am extremely proud to see a fellow German standing up to the tyranny occurring! It is exciting and stupid all the while!

    You see, like people say, a ton of the world citizens forget history fast and it plays on and replays and then WHAM! You are back to the square one of everything bad!

    So keep on going and remember not to forget why any of us fight!

    • There is much more to stand up to and against these days. Not twitter,who cares. But in the medical field as well, policies are changing daily into unconstitutional ones. Tyranny only knows the boundaries we allow them to cross. I’m not the type to stand around yelling with a sign. I have a family to protect.

  6. 動き続ける! また、日本のTAKEO TAMAのアイテムが走っているのを見ましたか? 優秀な。

      • あなたはこれらのKUNEO KOEI会社について話していますか?それは私が日本語を見るところです。

        • あなたは特定の何かを求めていますか?


    • 私も見なかった言語ページ!


      • We had to turn off the language pages for now.
        不便のための私の謝罪。We wanted to continue to support but we need to scale back our resources during this “Pandemic” and difficult economy. パンデミックをファック。日本への健康と幸福。;)

        • これらの状況の印象的な処理。


        • ああ。でも、クネオコーエーで日本人を見た?少し混乱しています。構いませんよ!

          • 主な事業はクネオです。私は信じている。だから、あなたはカトリナとタケオの下に接続して表示されます。ネットワークは単一の一部です。これで混乱することはありません。おそらく、接続されていることを知らなかった場合のみです。

          • よりよく説明していただきありがとうございます。

  7. Ok. So i understand these happenings that occur to you but I also don’t. See, i don’t want to believe some things and happenings in life but now that I am seeing a persons like you going under the bus for really nothing of wrongdoing, I just can no longer fathom that i don’t just step up to believe.

    In your native words,

    Revolution, Sieg vor der Kapitulation!

    Strange days.

  8. Firstly, I LOVE the redesign? Secondly, why on EARTH would anyone want to censor you? I mean seriously! I watch a few people who don’t get a lot of mainstream attention but in my view, what the heck did you do? Nothing! I think this is all just some sort of ploy where Twitter or Facebook or whoever is just testing what they can delete without consequence. It has to be!

  9. Banned for saying something Donald Trump didn’t like? Looks like the president doesn’t like criticism at all.

    • Not at all. She simply made a funny about how the world was easier when people were just eating the tide pods.

      Perhaps SJW crowd dislike comparison.

  10. At this point there is no difference between us and China. We are slowly turning into a totalitarian state.

    • Pretty true. Also we have to think that America is so much younger of a country than most other countries, like the little brother who has not had all the experiences but thinks that they know best. We don’t know if America still has to learn some harsh lessons that others have already learned from. Time will tell.

  11. Our founding fathers must be rolling in their graves right now. This is against everything they advocated for 🙁

    • Some states have it really bad. I heard that Chicago is being cracked down on and threatened hard. It’s absolutely nuts.

  12. I am so sorry to hear about your twitter ban. You can always reach us through your platforms like this one here.

  13. You can take solace in the fact that you aren’t the only one that was banned. Unfortunately this happened to me too.

  14. Yeah, I have experienced something like this. And now I became less active there, because I felt I had no freedom there.

  15. I find it terrible what happened to you, and I disagree, we all have the right to freedom of expression, and we cannot be censured for telling the truth.

  16. I love your tenacity. The good thing about the internet is that it’s nearly impossible for them to shut you down on every medium. Keep speaking your mind. Go freedom!

    • Unless they ever come at someone at the isp level but! That woud be a great surpreme justice case in the us!

  17. Sorry that you got banned, I haven’t spend very ,uch time lately in social sites cause my work keeps me bussy, but I think people should be able to express without been banned.

  18. I understand your rambling, it can really be annoying when gets banned and lose the opportunity of tweeting stuff. Just be cool with it.

  19. Twitter is rubbish, scam. What made me gate it more is the fact that you get banned just anyhow. Rubbish……..And about the freedom of speech or whateva…..its a lie, that shit is just for the governments

  20. That’s really bad. Everybody has his/her own opinion about everything. I just hope twitter has a rightful criteria for doing that.

    • Think of it though, what criteria could they really ever make that’s not infringing the rights?

      I think it is all just one large scheme of control!

  21. What, even song-titles and album-images to distributors get censored. This is rubbish, let me tell you, freedom of everything nah scam….nothing like that of that SHIT works

  22. As for me censorship has its place. The issue is how it is executed and what manner it is done. Here for example if it is cursing or inappropriate language then by all means it should be censored. However, if it goes over bearing then it is and will be an issue. Execution is key.

    • Eh, well, in the US of A, your right end where another’s begins or kind of like that, so you’re talking about rules, not rights, and then you have laws which govern the whole mess.

      Pure socialism ideals but for a while made the usa tolerable.

      Now they want to try commie-isms! Maybe it won’t work. *rofl*

    • Every house hold and every culture has a different standard of what’s appropriate and what isn’t. FOR EXAMPLE: When I was a child, my dad would go crazy angry if one of my siblings referred to their little pencil eraser as a “RUBBER”. Rubber is not a bad word. But he thought it sounded bad, like “CONDOM” so we were banned from saying “RUBBER”. lol Seriously there is no middle ground. No one person should be able to decide what is appropriate and what isn’t. Beyond breaking laws, the rest is just manners and perception, which differs from view to view. Catch my drift?

  23. Sometimes life happens! but isn’t the end of it. The ban is just crazy but you have stated move on and life continues!

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