Uncertainty: “As We Know It!”

How quickly; everything, has changed. In January, I abruptly uprooted the family for (what seemed like) an amazing opportunity. We left the desert and went back to the land of the ice and snow… — only to be up here when the world decided to lose her marbles! In my heart, I know it will all be well but, as I’ve mentioned before, nothing will ever be the same–so–we shall try and make it new.

Now I’m trying to draw on my Texan upbringing, and wisdom, remembered from my Oma and my German/Mennonite ancestors, and push up my sleeves, clean off the shotgun, pour a shot of Whiskey, and wait to see what’s next.

My old demons are near, tugging at my emotions, trying to wear me down, but they will not be victorious.

That being said; thanks fully, my boys’ are healthy, and enjoying the sunshine after a long winter spent mostly indoors. Now we are supposed to avoid public places but at least, we have some space for them to run outside and enjoy Mother Nature, the only thing that seems normal at this time.

In other ‘unimportant but kind of cool’ news…

My song, “Simple Love” aired on radio during the month of February. We didn’t do any active promotions during that time, but I’d like to send a HUGE thanks out to Houston, Miami, San Francisco, Reno, and double-down love to Vegas for choosing to put it into rotation!

I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, calm, and hopefully, productive during these odd times of worldwide uncertainty.

With Love and Hot-Cheetohs with Lime,


Tell the World! Now!!


  1. Missed this one.

    Songs great! Love the natural sound!

    Was looking at the newer post and I’m floored how involved you are having to become in political dibs.

    I know you and your companies aren’t being in politics but hopefully you get what I mean.

    Just what the hell is wrong with your suppliers?

    • crazy that we even need to take a stance to separate ourselves from something that can inherently become criminal by association.

  2. Being that you are strong headed German, not much should phase your thinking ways. Not to be racial but more and more the manners to cultures are for sure different, and it is a good thing, not bad like media pushes world wide right now.

    Like, why is UK have riots for Minneapolis things?

    Remain positive but know the negative so it can’t kill you.

      • Jeez that’s effed up! So but i was thinkin, see, a lot of those conspiracy guys had stuff like this happen where they took down all there stuff and then like their company accounts with like mastercard got attacked next so, what happens to you after this? Is it just like a tiny thing or you think somebody gonna get brave?

        Not tryin to be a deadhead but it’s just like, what the eff, you know?

      • Screwy indeed!

        Don’t give in to any of these blokes.

        Keep on the strong fight!

        Curious though, you think your company will be safe from big tech wrists slaps?

        • No, we’re not SAFE… they wiped out all our accounts, but that’s just twitter. We will take a traffic hit, but we have to just hope people still come to our sites, or keep us on RSS for updates. Other than that, it’s out of our control, we just have to keep trying on our own.

  3. Well, so this world how do they say, fiddles and farts with its future? But you know what too, there is a kind of sneakiness to it all, like the world will be okay, even though it might has to be a little slanted for the minute.

    Und wenn du oder die firma willst bringt alle dem translationen zuruckt?

    But I understand with all this all of a sudden requirements to change. So just keep moving fowards and the rest will comply.

    And if it don’t you simply declare war on it, invade it, and march into its neighbors!

    Or you give up and drink beers.

    So long for now beautiful girl from the website!

    • ”And if it don’t you simply declare war on it, invade it, and march into its neighbors!

      Or you give up and drink beers.”

      Immer Deutsche menchen haben sie alles gut idee, Ich weiß nicht wann wir translationen zurückbringen können.

      (Hopefully soon cause my Deutsche is very Kleine, but I’m trying)

      • Well, your family name is Kliewer so how can your Deutsche be only a bit?


        You are Estonian spy posing as Kliewer families member to learn more supreme farmers skills? 😛

        At least you have said so in past.

        • I’m going to have to have a talk with my family for not teaching us the language! For now it’s Rosetta Stone, Duo Linguo and a phrase book for me. (Lame I know) But… if I was a spy…. would I tell you?

  4. I don’t know what to bloody think anymore! I think getting prepared is a bit late for a ton of persons and families but really, the whole shit is just bonkers no matter how you consider it!

  5. I was listening intently to that simple love song and I usually do not like those styles of music. That said. I actually don’t feel like a dj made that track. Its hard to explain but I played my horn for ages and can spot the use of theory or advanced music knowledge pretty well, at least me thinks.

    At first I didn’t put me finger on it fast but then I reheard and noticed timing fluctuations and then with headphones I caught the wider chordal tones and all I can say is brilliant!

    Pleasure hearing!

  6. If you really look at how the internet is now, all the content is user generated. One of the hardest things to do is run any kind of operation that isn’t piggy backing off of user generated content. Keep it up! It will go further.

  7. Yes! These world lockdowns are like they say “the pits” but then again, who knows what is really real and what is just faked.

    About your businesses things, that’s fascinating!

    See, you never know who you’re going to meet or what’s going to become a part of your lives and tht pieces of the journeys are the great mystery to turn into more and more then more.

    So see, now you are elegant singing woman and not just maybe person without voice to use a pun.

    Even if you never get back into the other things the first companies or yours does at first, it is still a good thing that you have that you are beig heard here and without censors!

    That is exciting no matter hat because not like the social medias, you can take all these pieces, the website with you and remake it out at a future date in whatever the next internets will become.

  8. Much I agree, yes. And it is ok that you stop other language pages for now. It isn’t native for you and a lot of the world can understand the english. It won’t create challenge or break the ways you are understood. At least I believe to think.

  9. It will all be ok mon. You see it in the ways the world calms, you feel it in the way our worlds curl, so don’t sweat it, anyone reading it here or maybe in the news or like their tv screens. It all means nothing and is nothing.

    Love and let live.

  10. Thanks for the update and the explanation on the companies.

    I vaguely remember some of that stuff you’re talking about and if you’re a part of all that cool stuff from before then bring it!

    I guess you feel smaller only having a blog and songs? 😛

    You should feel on top of the world though because me, I can’t sing for shit! 🙂

  11. You’re very lucky to be Texan!

    My cousin was born and raised in Laredo and compared to the rest of us he’s wild and informed.

    Kind of the crazy family visitor when he comes up!


  12. I was curious if you were actually still affiliated with your primary company and it looks like yes!

    I think the changes and shrinkage is not only a good idea but do believe that you people will stand a test of time in how you continue to operate through all the different things happening.

    Be it industry related or like this virus stuff.

    I didn’t really think you were truly out and I’m glad to read you’re not.

    Now bring the good music!

    • She be sneaking around her office like “What! nah bitches, I got this” 🙂

      I did see that the song cmpany is going small again though so am hoping it means positive and not negative things.

      I mean, like I have lots of different tastes but the stuff you guys come up with be like crazy too though. Like some kind of throwback from the future in like, a timeline where music didn’t start to suck or I don’t know if you get me but you know, some shit like this.

      So keep up!

          • They have been removed for now to reallocate our resources for now. We want to give you guys some freebies before the world goes to complete shit, and we can’t afford to do it in every language like we want to. lol

            But, My apologies for any inconveniences.

        • We needed to rearrange our resources so that we can continue to provide the music regardless of the world falling apart.

          • So i use other sites to host a lot but looking at how you have your company do things, i’ve been on the fence but inspired to maybe do my own thing, like self hosted or somethin. Anyway! So like how hard is this though? i mean is it not necessary to use YT or some of the other audio sites cause i’ve done a ton but do kind of worry to about puttin too much work in and then SMACK!

            But i don’t know.

            o goddess of the musiverse Katlina, teach, preach!

            Sorry to hear about the TWATTER thang too but oh well. All bad things come to an end eventually 😛

            But i’m not hatin, i just want to kind of set my gears different after all this bullshit the last few weeks.

            whatcha think mang?

          • Exactly. It doesn’t hurt to use them, but at least keep back ups so you are ready to go on your own if you get booted.

    • I did some digging and i think there’s some sort of mergin of certain links and not just shrinking. Plus some old link shortcuts don’t work at all anymore. So i’ll see if i can find more but from the looks of it, it must be some kind of thing maybe to do with the way the virus hit society or maybe just some long overdue spring cleaning? i don’t know but they’ll probably be fine, i mean, everything is still up!

      • Oy! well it may be redundant a bit, ey chaps? Far as the pages for specific lands across our globe.

        People will do what they must, in part and in light of this pandemia craziness.

        Figuring all changes being for good reaons, I figure as long as the inventive tunes keep coming, who gives a koalas putoot!

        No worries.

        • Spring cleaning, yes. Condensing a little, yes… but only so that we can keep on doing what we want! (Which is making more music in spite of all the uncertainty!)

        • So I’m a little confused.
          I guess I thought the company used to do books and some game stuff.
          But now the whole thing seems broken into three areas, being brand then channel then company.
          I was just curious what made things become like this.
          Plus the composer guy is linked to Takeo too but he doesn’t work like with the old projects anymore?

          Just a long time follower with an inquiring mind!


          • Very intriguing! You are suggesting that she or the company does much more than this blog and singing? 🙂

          • Yes. me too. i’m too curious of this changes. I only remember not going to old purple site then this being my web page.

          • There’s always a little more than meets the eyes when you look a little deeper. 😉

          • Come to think of it, she sings in all the bands i believe. Or at least the Black rabbit one. But the selection is pretty vast so take your pick?

          • So for the long time follower with the inquiring mind… this deserves a bit of a longer answer. Kuneo did music, books, gaming things ect yes, (I was a long time fan originally believe it or not) but then a series of events happened and they went offline for a period of time. During that time I and met and wanted to start a thing with “the composer guy” (Takeo) but mainly audio-centric. He later was able to get Kuneo back and running, but currently is not at it’s full capacity as it was in the glory days. Takeo Tama has had come close to branching outside of just audio ventures, but for various reasons we are currently audio-centric for the time being. Now for the frequent changed of the other brands, we keep having to change things up every time they make a new law, or censor something more, or change the way the ads pay and what their requirements are, even marketing efforts on twitter had to alter because they changed a policy. It’s dumb really to have to move and shift and alter with everyone else and for everyone else, but that’s part of the reason we have been trying to condense and rearrange our operations to be concise and mainly self reliant. And as far as my role in it now, is more of a back seat for now. I am still involved in some decisions and planning, but I have been doing less and less of the coding, designing and marketing for now with my two little ones needing more of my attention. But, I’m still here, I changed my site a bit so I can write whatever even if it’s more personal and I won’t feel as pressured to write company or song related updates and items all the time. More of a free forum option for myself, No? Kuneo Koei is here and able to do whatever they want really, they have the clout. Takeo Tama is here, the new kid on the block but I feel always room for improvement and expansion (when the time is right), the composer guy keeps composing and for now our world is still turning. He still holds the licenses to the old projects, so who knows what time will bring. I always want bigger and better, but the economy right now is saying “stay small and strong to survive”. I’m not certain that really answers all of your inquiries and I’m glad you stuck around, but hopefully it helps!

        • So what would you ideally be doing with the Takeo part since that is more yours? If I had entertainment company then maybe I’d have a theme park. 🙂

          In truth though, all that stuff sounds complicated.

          Are you ever feeling too much is being handled?

          Maybe not now with kids?

          And what about pressure from that other company that makes Yoshi fireballs?

          • Personally I always thought owning a small art gallery that hosts bands and events would be fun. But… Takeo Tama deserves bigger thinking. We WERE working on developing a unique game pod system, but the plug was pulled (long story) and then just 10 months later NES retro, mini arcade games and retro gaming had a tiny boom. Soooo … we could have been on to something good. With kids now, and I will be honest I have some depression symptoms still. (But getting better) it’s all a lot of work, but I’m trying to find a healthier balance in my mind, so that I can keep contributing creatively. I think a theme park is an awesome idea. But then there’s covid.. wrecking the worlds good plans, one idea at a time.

  13. I saw the major updates for your company and didn’t realize that this is separate? Or kind of the same? Or completely different? 😛

    But no matter what, please keep making the same!

  14. Thanks for taking time to post this. It’s always entertaining to read something new especially now that we are locked in the house most of the time.

  15. Happy to hear that you and your boys are healthy and safe. Let’s hope the pandemic ends soon so things get back to normal.

  16. The world is gonna be very diferent after this virus but I thing we should follow your sample and keep going, after all, giving up is not an option. I will listen to your song 🙂

  17. Nice song! yes this pandemic is certainly brought the best in some people. you will never really know how much you will do when a crisis like this arrises.

  18. Truth be said, nothing is certain especially in this pandemic period. We should embrace love cause it conquers everything.

  19. Ofcause nothing will ever be the same–so–we shall try and make it new. But we can make in our advantages changes that will come.

  20. What a beautiful inspiration, when reading these words the whole text has rhyme, the simple love song I have heard is beautiful.

  21. Well, we could say things can be worse but then we have to imagine Godzilla is real and that Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton in drag!

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