World-Class, Parenting?

My whole household has been ill for a week and a half now, I have to say, it was not the most fun experience. Two trips to the Emergency room, two trips to the doctor, lots of medications, several breathing treatments, untold amounts of tissues, and 3 1/2 ear infections later… I think we are starting to feel on the up and up? Bleach has been my best friend. I’ve been bleaching and washing everything just in case. — Finally, we actually went to a park today to play and get some fresh air. If we aren’t totally better, at least we are closer to feeling like ourselves.

On the other hand, my excellent parenting skills are starting to pay off. {Extreme Sarcasm} — My two year old is in his room complaining and cussing to himself about who knows what and apparently, wants a diaper change. “F**king Opa’s Book”, “F**cking Schiessa, dirty, yucky”.

I always wanted to be a mother. I was not the best step-mom over all in my first marriage, but that was under extremely terrible circumstances. I don’t have the best relationship with my own mother who also doesn’t have the best relationship with her own Mother. I’m trying to do a good thing, and be different now that I finally have my own children that I wanted so badly, and he already cusses like a sailor. But… he can count 1-20 in German and 1-10 in English, and can speak both languages fairly well, and he is sweet and a good help with the baby, shows interest in music and in comedy so, when the two year old asked, “Warre bist baby bruder gehen?” (Where is baby brother?) I panicked for a millisecond, and checked the rear view mirror.

F**king little prankster…..

Time will tell how he turns out. Perhaps all is not lost… yet. *lol*

Tonight is our family party night, and it looks like we will be watching some TMNT episodes in German. (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) — I’m kinda excited. Last weekend, we watched “Coraline”. — We don’t watch TV or movies often so we look forward to it when we do.

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  1. Its great that your child is discovering his talents quite early in life. Its every mother’s dream that her children become the best they could ever be.

  2. The role of parents in educating young children is very important, what we say, we do, or we respond, if it is seen and heard by children, all recorded properly. So, if one day the child does the same thing, it is the fruit of our own actions as parents.

  3. I aint no dad but in the near future I hope I would be. Parenting can be hardwork but we have to admit. It also is the most satisfying job that anyone could have.

  4. I don’t have a child yet but I’m always a parent to my niece and nephews. Thank you for these tips I really enjoyed reading this article.

  5. “whole household has been ill for a week and a half now, I have to say, it was not the most fun experience”… I feel you pain….thank God you were able to get through….. that’s the goal of a good parenting. 2

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